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MultiView Software Hologic
Multi Modality Image Analysis

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A powerful software platform for multi-modality image analysis, MultiView software offers specific tools for analyzing magnetic resonance (MR) and ultrasound breast images and MR breast biopsy guidance.


MultiView software: From Hologic, an innovative leader in breast MR visualization and interventional guidance.

The MultiView software provides a powerful platform dedicated to both breast imaging and MRI-guided biopsy.

MultiView software delivers:
• Dynamic real-time image processing.
• Speed and flexibility.
• Dedicated breast MRI algorithms.
• Intuitive user interface consistent across the MultiView family of products that can be tailored to your preferences.
• Instantly displayed reformats, MIPs, thin MIPs, subtractions and surface renderings.
• Expandable platform; allows your software platform to evolve with your imaging services.

Along with a traditional stand-alone workstation solution, MultiView software offers a web solution with a zero-footprint access via a web browser. This means that MultiView Web:
• Runs on any computer with a network connection.
• Has no conflict with existing software on satellite workstations.
• Can be launched from any web browser, helping facilitate integration with other hospital systems.

  • ProductsMultiView MR breast diagnostic software MultiView MR breast diagnostic software leverages state-of-the-art graphics hardware acceleration to provide a unique real-time 4D experience: 4D = 3D + time. Data can be processed and displayed through standard or arbitrary reformats in 2D, 3D or 4D. A single click instantly changes reformatting between: • 3D MIP, thin MIP, solid. • 2D axial, coronal, sagittal. • Arbitrary radial reformat. With first-in-class smart-hanging protocol technology, MultiView MR breast diagnostic software dramatically improves automatic hanging of MR images; knowing what image to hang and displaying alternative images if the desired image is unavailable. The automated capabilities of the MultiView diagnostic software allow radiologists to reduce reading time with such features as: • Automated lesion analysis. • Automated chest wall removal. • Automated nipple detection. • Automated population of the BI-RADS report. Learn more MultiView MR breast biopsy software MultiView MR breast biopsy software offers highly streamlined biopsy guidance, automatically registering the biopsy grid to the MR image. Once a target is selected, MultiView biopsy software automatically displays grid and plug positions for either straight blocks or an angled biopsy device, which helps increase access to breast target areas. For more intuitive biopsy guidance, interventional images automatically align with the radiologist’s viewpoint for intuitive navigation. MultiView biopsy software allows users to view kinetic color analysis and offers full reconstruction capabilities—facilitating comparisons between the diagnostic study and biopsy exam. Key features of MultiView MR biopsy include: • Instantaneous data display. • Fast image uploading. • Auto fiducials localization. • Time stacking. • Verity-angled Bx support. • Needle guide placement. • Recommended o’clock sampling. • Report with key images.
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