Infusion warmer Level 1® NormoFlo® Smiths Medical

Infusion warmer Level 1® NormoFlo® Smiths Medical
Level 1® NormoFlo®

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NORMOFLO® Fluid Warming Device, Irrigating Systems can bring the big volumes of the body temperature irrigation at the finest flow rates. The Level 1® NormloFlo® Irrigation System brings a obvious, bubble free pasture of idea, which permits the doctors to work with poise and with no alterations in the standard surgical methods. The patients depart from the operation room warm, despite of the span of the process orthe irrigant volume. H-1100 NormoFlo® Irrigating System tenders an efficient solution for keeping the patients warm through the high volume irrigating measures. The technique applied is simple and the usage of the structure does not necessitate any changes in the operational procedures. The NormoFlo® System transports the body temperature solution at the flow rates ranging from 620 to 650 ml per min. Single throwaway on one patient can be used for both the procedure and the post surgical condition. The power pole of the instrument, makes it comfortable to fix it and use. It facilitates bubble free vision and a broad category of the disposables are present for the process of irrigation.
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