Air purifier for healthcare facilities MedicAir 302F DentalEZ Group

Air purifier for healthcare facilities MedicAir 302F DentalEZ Group
MedicAir 302F

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The MedicAIR series of air purification appliances are designed and engineered to provide the most effective and comprehensive solution to indoor air pollution and contamination. The six-stage purification technology exceeds the highest standards of particulate capture, bacterial and viral organism destruction. Combined with a high-density carbon filter the MedicaAIR also eliminates volatile organic compounds as well fumes, odors and vapors from the air you breathe. The sophisticated digital controls continually test and evaluate air quality and automatically adjust to the appropriate purification ratios to provide a constant flow of pure, clean air to your work environment. Air purifying stages: 1. The pre-filter catches the largest particles as room air is drawn through the intake chambber. The anti-biotic pre-filter prevents most bacteria and germs from growing. 2. The dual stage electronic precipitator captures 99.8% of particulate down to 0.01 microns in size, 15,000 times smaller that a human hair. In the ionizing section of the precipitator, billions of microscopic particles become electronically charged as they pass through the powerful electrical field and the collector plates immediately attract and contain these"charged" particles. The high-energy electrical field also kills most microorganisms that pass through it.
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