Active chilled beam / for healthcare facilities DID 604 TROX GmbH

Active chilled beam / for healthcare facilities DID 604 TROX GmbH
DID 604

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TROX DID 604 TROX DID 604 series activates the chilled beams with a combination of primary air and chilled water to provide sensible cooling to the space. They combine the airflow characteristics of ceiling diffusers with the energy saving benefits of heat absorption using chilled water. The DID 604 is ideal for cellular offices with low false ceiling; applications where ceiling space is congested or where a four way appearance is required.DID604 chilled beams are designed to fit into suspended T-bar ceilings and are available in two sizes: ? DID 604-VQ (2ftx2ft) ? DID 604-VR (2ftx4ft) Features: ? Flush ceiling activates chilled beam with nominal width size of 600mm. ? Supports high cooling capacity with low conditioned fresh air, low air speeds in the occupied zone with low sound power levels. ? Available with adjustable control blades to control the air discharge direction. ? Air is released in four directions. ? Vertically mounted heat exchangers with condensate drip trays for low chilled water flow temperatures. ? Available with two or four pipe heat exchange coils for heating or cooling the air. ? Saves up to 35% of energy.
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