Absorbable orthopedic pin Bioresorbable Pins ® Teknimed

Absorbable orthopedic pin Bioresorbable Pins ® Teknimed
Bioresorbable Pins ®

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These Bioresorbable Pins, by Teknimed, are crafted from a resorbable 100% poly-(70/30:L/DL)-lactide, have rounded tips and are cutable to meet specific needs. These pins were designed to specifically aid in the long term mending of minor fractures in the epiphyseal area of the bone, for surgeries on the lower and upper extremities of the body. The pins remain stable for approximately 8 to 10 months post-surgery. This ensures proper healing and minimizes any future complications. After this time, the pins slowly hydrolyze by water from surrounding tissues and eventually replaced by healthy bone mass after 24 months.
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