ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory WATCHBP O3 Microlife

ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory WATCHBP O3 Microlife

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WatchBP O3 is an affordable device that provides accurate blood pressure measurements outside the clinic based on ESH/AHA guidelines. It features a 24-hour ABPM (ambulatory blood pressure measurement) mode that quickly and accurately takes blood pressure measurements. It also has a 7-day SBPM mode. This mode is used when collecting multiple blood pressure measurements per day. Data is used in initial assessment and in on-going assessment and evaluation of hypertension treatment. Measurement intervals can be programmed in intervals of 15, 20, 30, or 60 minutes. The device is lightweight and compact, improving patient comfort. Measurement data can also be transmitted to a computer through USB connectivity.
  • Measured parameters:ABPM
  • Applications:ambulatory
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