384-well microplate FlashPlate PerkinElmer

384-well microplate FlashPlate PerkinElmer

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PerkinElmer's uniquely designed FlashPlate™ is a white polystyrene microplate, designed for high-volume, homogeneous radiometric assays, based upon the principle of scintillation proximity. The interior of each well is permanently coated with a thin layer of polystyrene-based scintillant which provides a platform for non-separation assays using a variety of isotopes (e.g., 3H, 125I, 14C and 33P) without the addition of liquid scintillation cocktail. FlashPlate is available in both 96-well and 384-well formats. Flashplates are recommended for solid-phase radiobinding assays in MicroBeta or TopCount without adding cocktail. Leveraging years of assay and instrument experience in plate detection, PerkinElmer designs better microplates for better performance that guarantees better results for all PerkinElmer applications.
  • Number of wells:384-well
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