Chief Clinical Officer for Addiction Care Clinic

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Middle East
31 Oct 2016
Chief Clinical Officer for Addiction Care Clinic in Qatar

Advising DG and CEO on strategic direction and provides leadership in the implementation of clinical programmes, plans and services. For the clinical functions of naufar, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO) translates and integrates the overall corporate strategic plans of naufar into clinical, research and education goals within a resort environment.

Coordinate the provision of clinical care to naufar’s clients ensuring the development of the highest possible standards in quality clinical care; lead in developing a national program for addiction; lead in developing a supportive legal environment; and providing a suitable environment for education and research in addiction treatment.

Exercise clinical management responsibilities over naufar, with proper controls, procedure and systems to deliver high quality, cost effective and integrated clinical care and integrated with hospitality elements within a resort environment, to meet the needs of primarily the naufar clients, their families, and care-givers. This also includes the management of the budget and cost-effective utilisation of resources associated with naufar.

The CCO is responsible for the overall management and development of a comprehensive and integrated addiction care delivery system that provides quality and cost effective clinical care to clients, while assuring compliance with State of Qatar regulations.

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