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RADIATION DOSE - THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL The demand for medical imaging examinations is constantly growing, making safety and quality in radiological practice and the risk of unnecessary radiation more important than ever. Public awareness and concern have grown across a wide range of media. People are worried, they receive conflicting, sometimes confusing information, and they come to the radiology depa

ESR’S 12-POINT ACTION PLAN THAT PUTS QUALITY AND PATIENT SAFETY FIRST Birth of the EuroSafe Imaging initiative Since its launch in 2014 by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the EuroSafe Imaging initiative has placed radiation protection at the forefront of efforts to improve quality and safety in medical imaging in Europe in the most efficient and effective way possible. The demand for medical i

A SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP Quality of Healthcare Quality healthcare by definition means safe healthcare, and safety should be managed as an integral part of quality assurance. Safety, as defined by the National Patient Safety Foundation, is “the degree to which health care processes avoid, prevent, and ameliorate adverse outcomes or injuries that stem from the processes of health care itself” (National P

Public awareness and concern about radiation safety has grown in the last few years, and concerns have been voiced about radiation dose, for example in breast imaging, across a wide range of media. Patients are concerned, as they receive conflicting, sometimes confusing information. Therefore good communication from the radiology department is essential. How to Communicate It is a truism, but the choice

MEETING THE CHALLENGES Implementation Considerations Before planning implementation of dose monitoring software you should be aware of some challenges that need to be met. This is a tool, which offers many options, but the available features may not match your department’s expectations and requirements. Awareness of what exactly the department’s needs are is essential at the beginning. Furthermore, one

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