Digital Marketing and Medical Devices

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Important response to COVID-19

The thought of returning to pre-COVID conditions is on everyone’s mind. This includes business owners who have been hard hit by the pandemic. However, they have also pivoted and acclimatised well during this period.


They have been able to do so through, among other things, digital marketing. The latter has had a positive impact on the healthcare industry in these trying times. It has strengthened the visibility of hospital services and products in the online space. Every business is wise to use digital marketing even more so going forward.


9 Tips to Guide Your Healthcare Marketing Going Forward during Pandemic

1. Social Media

Social media is booming in the healthcare industry. It helps keep you connected with your patients even in times of uncertainty. This form of marketing provides better opportunities. You will be able to target patients across different age groups, gender, medical conditions and health issues.


You should build up your social media presence and highlight various issues through your social media platforms. Build public awareness about staying healthy during the pandemic and beyond. You can also use your social media platforms to encourage people to comply with social distancing. Additionally, this forum is an effective avenue to provide tips to maintain both mental and physical health.


2. Public Records

It’s critical to understand your clientele and their needs. To do so you can access and make use of public records available online. These records offer a wide array of demographic data. They give you an in-depth analysis of your clients at a low cost if any.


As a digital marketer, you can use these records to devise targeted marketing campaigns. You can show your audience that you understand them enough to give advice on how they can cope. This makes your time and marketing efforts much more efficient.


3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great platform to connect with patients in a personalised way. In the wake of the pandemic, this gives you direct access to your patients. You may send out personalised emails based on patient interests or medical conditions. It is, however, imperative to perform an email lookup.


An email lookup will confirm whether or not an email address is valid. This search will provide information such as full names and geolocation. This is all based on the domain lookup.


4. Creative messaging

 Creative messaging is critical to achieving perfect brand positioning. Marketing messages influence the way people view an establishment. Make sure every piece of content created on any of your channels says something about your brand. These are cardinal towards driving brand awareness and reputation building.


5. Marketing Language

Infuse empathetic language in your marketing communications. Empathy-based marketing is about walking in the customer's shoes to understand their experiences. This helps you give them exactly what is required. This creates loyalty among your target audience and greater marketing success.


6. Be Up-to-Date

As a trusted medical provider your clients will turn to you for guidance. They want to stay updated on every development on COVID-19. You can achieve this by staying updated using reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


7. Brand Building Online

During the pandemic, the number of people making inquiries and reservations online has increased. Focus on moving your brand online even more. This will keep you connected to your customers and enable a unified customer experience. Focus on developing your story, website and content data.


8. Maintain Communication

With everything else going on, this might prove challenging. Always remember that customers want a relationship with the companies they do business with. Make it your mission to communicate regularly. Regular and engaging communication with your clients should be the order of business.


9. Metrics

Marketing metrics are measurable values used to demonstrate the effectiveness of campaigns. This is important to apply across all your marketing channels. Metrics exist to give you the ability to track your progress and measure your success. They can help improve the tactics you are using to help grow your business. Otherwise, how else would you know if any of your campaigns have any actual impact?


As we’ve seen, healthcare digital marketing can be an effective way to reach out to patients. Your audience is kept informed and they build trust with your brand. In this way, you are able to expand your presence as well. So go ahead and use it to create, communicate and provide value to your target market!

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Published on : Fri, 19 Mar 2021

Digital Marketing and Medical Devices

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