Public Preview of New Cloud Healthcare Solution

Public Preview of New Cloud Healthcare Solution
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Microsoft has announced it is building Cloud for Health Care, a bundled customised solution for healthcare providers. The software is designed to help doctors securely schedule and perform virtual appointments and is expected to be available later this year.


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The new solution will incorporate existing Microsoft products, such as the Azure cloud and the Teams communication app. It will also be compatible with many existing apps and electronic health records (EHR).

From 19 May the software is available to customers in public preview with a six-month free trial. According to CNBC, it is not yet clear how the pricing for the bundle will differ from the standard fee for individual products included. More information on this is expected in autumn, when the product is launched.

With the new software, the patient’s journey may start with a healthcare provider’s website, where a chatbot would answer initial questions. Then, the patient is transferred to a service agent for further clarification and scheduling of a virtual appointment with a relevant healthcare professional (eg,
over Microsoft Teams video chat). All the data collected will be available onsite if a follow-up visit in person is needed. In other words, the system, which builds on Dynamics 365 with customisable templates and data connections, will enable hospitals to manage the full patient-engagement lifecycle.

Specifically, the bundle will work with communications tools, a patient engagement portal (appointment bookings, physician referrals, medical forms and virtual assistants), a patient management app for call centre staff, and a scheduling and screening template for patients with COVID-19.

You can watch a demo here, or learn more here.


Sources: Microsoft, CNET, Reuters, CNBC

Image credit: LeoWolfert via iStock

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Published on : Wed, 20 May 2020

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