Molnlycke Implements Mobile CRM Application

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Since the successful launch of the CRM tool in Europe about 4 years ago, the application has recently been deployed in the U.S. After an initial pilot team, over 200 US sales people use this web based application. The overall results are positive, but Mölnlycke wants more, and Roderik Mooren, Head of IT, explains why:


“As sales increase strongly in the U.S., we have to anticipate the market’s trends and needs on the one hand and these of our customers on the other hand”, according to Mooren. We chose to invest in an innovative CRM system.We chose this route to enable our company to be more efficient and to guarantee increased employee productivity. That’s the way we want to progress to reach turnover increase and improved customer service.”


EoZen has, based on its many years of CRM expertise and in association with the SQLI Group, deployed a mobile CRM application on iPad, which long-term’s intention is to equip all worldwide sales departments with this new application.


The disconnected mobile CRM application is EoZen’s first SAP Sybase Unwired Platform ever to reach the market. This tool enables account managers and sales men, provided with an iPad, having access to relevant client data at every single time. It occurs that hospitals and other public places don’t receive a wireless network signal, but that doesn’t restrain the disconnected CRM technique to consult data, to put some new in or to modify and delete outdated information. These data are saved on the back office as soon as a 3G or Wireless connection is available. 


Applying a mobile CRM tool for iPad, Mölnlycke will continue increasing its competitive advantage, having:

  • Improved employee efficiency: account managers don’t waste valuable time anymore;
  • Advanced client experience: all data are available on iPad;
  • Improved customer satisfaction: improved client order handling and data reliability, available in real time, result in an advanced knowledge of the clients’ needs;
  • Lower CRM costs: an efficient and consistent use of mobile CRM.

Based on the positive cooperation in 2007, Mölnlycke’s choice for EoZen seems obvious. Since, EoZen has extended its CRM expertise and in meantime they are a mobile CRM pioneer. This expertise is confirmed by Mooren:

“We searched for a competent partner able to support us globally by alloying SAP CRM expertise and mobility, granting a strong competence in ergonomics and design. These kinds of players are pretty unique, but fortunately we were glad to come to an agreement with EoZen and SQLI Group.”


Mölnlycke plans its pilot on iPad in November in the U.S.; the system will be fully operational in 2012.

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Published on : Mon, 19 Dec 2011

Since the successful launch of the CRM tool in Europe about 4 years ago, the application has recently been deployed in the U.S. After an initial pilot tea

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