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European Telemedicine Conference
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The European Telemedicine Conference (ETC) 2015 takes place in Odense, Denmark later this month with a new development: this year, it is running alongside WHINN – Week of Health and Innovation, combining the efforts of several leading European Healthcare Organisations with a focus on innovation.

The conference will collaborate with prominent healthcare delivery organisations, governmental leaders, clinicians, researchers and university faculties .

The opening keynote of ETC looks at new approaches of Big Data analytics under the title of Telemedicine and Personal Health and Wellness Empowerment on Earth and in Space. As well as focusing on how Big Data can positively impact rural communities, The Artemis Project will be presented. This is a Big Data platform for real-time streaming analytics and temporal data mining in and out of the cloud in Canada, USA and China for Tertiary Care and Telemedicine solutions. An exciting development with this initiative is its performance of clinical research in neonatal and critical care including its use for health monitoring on long-range space flight.

A key Roundtable Discussion, Mobile Solutions in Disease Management” Description will look at how telemedicine contributes to disease management solutions that prevent hospitalisation ‒ and potentially save healthcare billions.

The future of the sector will be in the spotlight in a Plenary Session: Futuristic Trends in Telemedicine. In this session, participants will have an opportunity to contemplate what is on the horizon for telemedicine and to discuss some of the new technologies that are starting to emerge.

WHINN consists of conferences, events, innovation and business activities, which are brought together in one week all within health and innovation. The newest research and international trends are in the spotlight each year making it an ideal partner for ETC.

“Odense and South Denmark are well-known for strength within health innovation and technology. This is something that the conferences can utilise in their programs, and something that we can use for the cross conference activities,” said WHINN Chief Project Manager, Michaela Andersen.

The European Telemedicine Conference and WHINN take place from October 21 to 22 October in Odense, Denmark.

Source and Image Credit: ETC

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Published on : Tue, 6 Oct 2015

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