6 Tips for How to Prevent a Healthcare Data Breach

Protecting Healthcare Data
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Health care data breaches can cost any health facility not just in terms of fines or potential legal costs but the trust and confidence of patients.
The following 6 tips can help prevent a data breach.
Risk Assessment
Conduct a risk assessment on your security policies in order to ascertain potential threats and weaknesses in your system. This way, you can take informed action on bolstering security.
Monitor Records and Devices

While IT personnel are responsible for keeping patient information safe, it is also worth advising employees of the risks of leaving electronic devices or standard paperwork unattended – even for a moment. Theft of these data resources can quickly lead to a data breach.
Keep Strict Tabs on Identity and Access
In a typical working day, scores of staff members access patient information so monitoring their identity is essential for data protection. It is important to allow access according to the position of each member of staff and that procedures for logging on and off are simple. Automation makes it easier to track activity around access to data.
Networks for public use should never put patient data at risk. Creation of sub-networks earmarked solely for  guest activity will boost security as will separating networks that hold confidential information.
Investigate technology dedicated to encryption for data breach avoidance. Focus on servers, mobile and medical devices and network end points.
Keep your associates informed
If there is a breach, the provider is held ultimately responsible even if it if was triggered by an associate vendor with access to data. Keep all business associates fully updated on privacy regulations and check both their risk assessment procedures and breach reporting processes.


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Published on : Tue, 2 Jun 2015

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