Imaging Management, Volume 5 / Issue 2 / 2010


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Single Access to Personal Health Records

The 'My Health summary' service, now available through the Danish e-health portal '' allows authenticated users to obtain a faster and better overview of their own patient data.


Once logged into the health portal with their digital signature, users can access this personal health information that has been gathered from various healthcare sources. The available data includes:

  • Summary of hospital admissions (back to 1995);
  • Recent notes from hospital charts;
  • Summary of medication prescribed over the last two years;
  • Overview of personal wishes in relation to organ donation and receiving life-prolonging treatment (living wills);
  • Status of laboratory tests ordered by physicians, and
  • Contact information for the personal General Practitioner (GP).


The secured and controlled access to personal information on medication and treatment is not a brand new function of It has already been possible to find this information through the portal by performing devices researches respectively focused on medication, diagnoses, admissions, records in a given hospital, etc.


'My Health summary' goes further by providing access to all this information at once, with a single click of a mouse. There is furthermore an option to limit one's search to a specific time period.


'My Health summary is the first version of the National Patient Index (NPI). It has become a collaboration between and Digital Health (Digital Sundhed, in Danish), a public organisation tasked with the national coordination of health IT in Denmark. Digital Health is currently working on new versions of the National Patient Index for both citizens and health professionals.


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Single Access to Personal Health RecordsThe 'My Health summary' service, now available through the Danishe-health portal '' allows authenticated

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