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The trade fair for the medical technology industry

Inside medical technology: “state of the art” and the trends of tomorrow

Demands in the medical technology industry have increased considerably in the last few years – but so have its possibilities and opportunities. Thanks to digitalisation and progress in electrical engineering, the medical technology world is experiencing a revolution which is affecting the entire industry at the moment. MT-CONNECT is therefore going to be the first port of call for suppliers; after all, it’s their innovative processes, components and services that will dictate which direction the industry moves in next.

Microtechnologists, nanotechnologists, metal, plastic and mould producers, engineers and even IT professionals will meet manufacturers, users and representatives from research institutes and associations. This means MT-CONNECT will not only be portraying the current state of the industry, but also offering visitors and exhibitors opportunities to learn about path-breaking developments and get to know cooperation and business partners.

From insiders for insiders: MT-CONNECT will connect them with each other

The area of medical technology has long been a priority at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, with the successful congress "Medizin Innovativ – MedTech Summit" actually having taken place here every two years since 2008 and accompanied by a foyer exhibition that has grown each time.

Due to the congress’s popularity, the idea and concept for a new interdisciplinary trade fair were developed in cooperation with Forum MedTech Pharma e.V., leading to the creation of MT-CONNECT. The exhibition will receive continuous support from a body of well-respected experts.

MT-CONNECT will connect suppliers with specialists in the areas of medicine, electronics and IT, optoelectronics and minimally invasive technologies, diagnostics, sales and marketing, acquisition and purchasing, quality management and regulatory affairs. In addition to this wide range of fields, MT-CONNECT will have a very interesting supporting programme. The MedTech Summit, an internationally oriented forum dedicated to future-relevant topics in the medical technology industry, will be taking place at the same time as well.

Med-tech – a growing market

The medical technology market is growing all over the world, and producing medical technology companies based in Germany – and Bavaria in particular – are assuming a major share in various markets. Manufacturers, suppliers and service providers generated a turnover of EUR 15bn in Bavaria alone in 2015. The industry is growing, especially when it comes to exports.

MedTech Summit

The MedTech Summit introduced in 2008 is one of the major congresses in the healthcare sector in Europe. Scientific and market-related presentations will highlight current technological trends and innovative application scenarios in medical engineering. The partnering event is an integral part of the MedTech Summit. It enables efficient B2B networking between all participants of the congress, as well as exhibitors and visitors of MT-CONNECT.

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