eHealth Forum 2016

eHealth Forum 2016: Catalyst for Reform – Enabler for Growth

The eHealth Forum is 1 event in 2 venues spanning the city of Athens:

Venue 1: 

The Forum at the Megaron Athens International Conference Center where stakeholders with knowledge and expertise will come together;

Venue 2:

The Festival at Technopolis City of Athens is the 1st health technology event open to the public with free admission, to experience how digital innovation can impact our lives;

The eHealth Forum aims to become the definitive annual meeting point, centered in Greece, within the rapidly growing eHealth market where stakeholders from the South East of Europe and the Middle East connect and network to exchange information and innovation. The eHealth Forum aims to engage representatives from all fields, provide the grounds to display all points of view, and be the place where ideas develop, mature and are implemented into actions benefiting society and the economy.
The eHealth Forum 2016, in cooperation with Health Level Seven Hellas (HL7), the Greek Network EIP on AHA, the Athens Medical Society, the support of the Hellenic Health Ministry as well as the valuable support of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance), invites national and international stakeholders and policymakers, to pursue the conversation on eHealth, help create lasting partnerships and effect comprehensive change in healthcare.

Partners Exhibit

Partners Symposia


  • Become the eHealth meeting point in the region (Balkans, S.E. Europe and the Middle East)
  • Become the center to connect eHealth policy makers
  • To provide the grounds for discussion and matchmaking between stakeholders from the public and private sectors, researchers, telecommunications companies, developers, investors, innovators
  • Constitute the comprehensive event for eHealth tech and research stakeholders
  • Provide a channel for researchers, academics in health and patients advocacy groups to disseminate information relevant to eHealth consumers and patients
  • Present innovative eHealth products and services for professionals, patients and consumers
  • Welcome tech startups and provide matchmaking and networking opportunities with investors
  • Host an Exhibit showcasing innovation, health IT, wearables, and IoT applications to promote digital health and wellbeing


  • Healthcare providers (doctors, healthcare workers, nurses, pharmacists, etc.)
  • Informatics professionals
  • Researchers, academics, industry and investment stakeholders in digital health and health
  • Patients Advocacy Groups
  • Businesses and business executives
  • Executives in the public sector (Ministries, directors of hospitals and health services, organisations)
  • Local government (Municipalities, cities, boroughs)
  • Health economists
  • Politicians
  • Press/Media
  • Investment Funds
  • Start-ups


Greek is the official language of Greece. English is widely spoken.

On-line registrations are closed.
Register at the eHealth Forum Secretariat during the conference.


The rapidly growing eHealth sector estimated to dominate all areas of industry by 2020 presents a unique opportunity for collaboration, financial and scientific growth and social reform. Within this expanding market further developing information technologies and applications in digital health is essential to promote the reform of the healthcare system and therefore act as a catalyst for these imperative changes.

The process of reforming healthcare is, in and of itself, an enabler for economic growth in various sectors: research, industry, information and telecommunications technologies. The eHealth Forum presents “hot” topics high on the “digital agenda” in Europe and the surrounding region, while providing the channel to present and disseminate information on scientific and technological advancements in healthcare.

1. eHealth Framework

The legal framework of eHealth is evolving and interacts with the national strategies of the EU countries as well as other countries in the Balkans, S.E. Europe and beyond. The eHealth Forum aims at providing an opportunity to showcase best practices from countries in the region, for further discussing the unresolved issues and for idea sharing between all stakeholders.

2. eHealth in practice today

The eHealth Forum will delve into dominating issues of interoperability, tools and services using information and communications technology for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management. We will host sessions on information and data sharing, health information networks, health mobileapplications and medical software guidelines, telehealth/telecare services, portable patient monitoring devices, operating room software, wearable technology and IoT devices, cloud infrastructures and every facet of health IT that affects patient care as we know it.

3. Clinical management of chronic illness

Healthcare professionals and clinicians will get up-to-date information on management tools for chronic illness, like patient records, treatment protocols, and join in on the conversation on Integrated Care in Greece and the practices of the countries in the surrounding region. The Forum will host discussions on digital health strategies, patient health records, data availability including privacy and security, how to benefit healthcare providers and patients by improving access to care and quality of care and present solutions to make the health sector more efficient.

4. Patient at the centre: Health Applications

As the end users of health applications and services, patients/consumers are the centre of the mobile and medical health applications boom. The eHealth Forum will showcase the latest innovation in technology, while emphasizing on active aging applications and technology advancements; fitness and well-beingapplications; and specific research projects involving precision medicine. This year, we have invited representatives from all scientific and research organisations, academics in health and patients advocacy groups.

5. Data-aware medical devices

Medical devices, wearable technology and IoT applications in health will be the foundation of the eHealth Forum 2016 interactive Exhibit.

6. Big Data

Big Data, real-time data analytics and bioinformatics have driven the development of personalized health; the discovery of new drugs and treatments to combat common or rare diseases. We aim to make it a central segment at the eHealth Forum.

7. Cyber-security

Ransomware, data-loss, patient privacy, data sharing, digital literacy, going ‘cloud’ or sticking to local servers, software vulnerabilities and so many other things revolving around security are hot topics within the eHealth conversation. The eHealth Forum brings together all the key players to discuss and present best practices, proposals and solutions.

8. Behavioural Change

Digital innovation is rapidly changing the way we understand and manage health and health care systems worldwide; through the eHealth Forum we want to connect the dots between healthcare providers, patients/consumers and healthcare systems. Implementing and using eHealth for prevention/health promotion, patient empowerment, patient adherence and the ways in which the doctor-patient relationship is changing and the importance of social networkswill be discussed.

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October 25th


Hall: MC3 || WORKSHOP: iManageCancer – Novel electronic tools for patient empowerment and self-management in cancer.

October 26th


Hall: MC2 || WORKSHOP: Funding opportunities of the EU Programme for Research & Innovation -HORIZON 2020 - in the eHealth sector.



International standards: Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), introduction, comparison and best practices [In Greek]


Hall: MC3.4 || eSENS WORKSHOP AND DEMONSTRATION: Moving the cross border services agenda forward.


Hall: MC3.2 || ΙΗΕ WORKSHOP for e-Health Managers.


Hall: MC3.2 || IHE WORKSHOP - How to create mobile health apps that connect.

Join us October 25 – 26, 2016 at the No 1 Health Technology event in Athens. See how digital health innovation helps us and our loved ones better manage our health.

Free Entrance

The eHealth Forum Festival brings leading digital health startups & spin-offs, industry leaders, research centres, investors and innovators and presents them to the public in Athens.

Why you should participate:

We are all essentially users of digital health technology (e-health):

  • We want the ability to manage our health information (pulse, blood pressure, etc.)
  • We want to track the calories we consume during the day and manage the nutritional value of our food.
  • We want to track how many kilometers we ran or walked during the day.
  • We want easy access to a doctor or to simply send our medical information to our doctor.

Informatics and mHealth — Fitness & Well-being Apps & Gadgets — Integrated Care — Smart devices — Medical devices — Assisted Living — Imaging — Artificial Intelligence — Internet of Things — Digital Health/IT — Wearables — Silver Economy — Active Ageing —Mental Health — Disability — Robotics

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