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Interventional Quarter is published three times a year. 
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Neutorgasse 9/8
AT-1010 Vienna, Austria
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The Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Team and their re spective employees make every effort to ensure that noin accurate or misleading data, opinion or statement appearsin this publication. Contributed articles do not necessarily reflect the views of Interventional Quarter. This isnot a peer-reviewed journal, and professional me dical adviceshould always be sought before following or discontinuingany course of treatment. Therefore, the Publisher,Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Team and their respective employeesaccept no liability for the consequen ces of anysuch inaccurate or misleading data, opinions or statements.
Prof. Jim A. Reekers, EBIR (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Managing Editor
Nadja Alomar
Editorial Team
Robert Bauer, Ciara Madden, Adam McLean, Tochi Ugbor
Our Thanks to the Contributors
Prof. Lieven Annemans (Ghent, Belgium)
Prof. Christoph Binkert, EBIR (Winterthur, Switzerland)
Prof. Elias Brountzos, EBIR (Athens, Greece)
Dr. Anne-Marie Cahill (Philadelphia, USA)
Dr. Michael Darcy (St. Louis, USA)
Prof. Rolf Günther (Aachen, Germany)
Dr. Maccon Keane (Galway, Ireland)
Dr. Sanjoy Kundu (Toronto, Canada)
Dr. Kieran McBride (Fife, UK)
Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni (Perth, Australia)
Dr. Levent Oguzkurt, EBIR (Adana, Turkey)
Dr. Gerard O’Sullivan, EBIR (Galway, Ireland)
Prof. Dusan Pavcˇnik (Portland, USA)
Dr. Luc Stockx (Genk, Belgium)
Dr. David West, EBIR (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)

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An Invitation to Our Readers
IQ is your magazine, and we would welcome your views and your news. Readers who wish to comment on any of the issues raised (or who would like to raise any of their own) are most welcome to submit letters to the Editor. Likewise, if you have any romotions, awards, honorary lectures or other tit-bits you’d like to share with the interventional community, please send them to us by post or by email.
We look forward to hearing from you!
IQ Editorial Team
Write to: Neutorgasse 9/8, AT-1010 Vienna, Austria

Interventional Quarter is published three times a year.&nbsp;<br>To add an address to the mailing list, please contact [email protected]<br>or refer

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