Parker Laboratories Unrelated to NJ Medical Device Manufacturer in Contaminated Ultrasound Gel Case

Parker Laboratories Unrelated to NJ Medical Device Manufacturer in Contaminated Ultrasound Gel Case
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Ultrasound Gel Leader, Parker Laboratories, distances itself from Pharmaceutical Innovations guilty plea in U.S. District Court.

Parker Laboratories stringent quality assurance procedures include comprehensive environmental monitoring and continual microbial testing to provide healthcare professionals and patients alike with market-best products for nearly 60 years.


According to Neal Buchalter, President, Parker Laboratories, "We ensure product quality and reliability by adhering to the strictest quality and infection control guidelines with each and every product line". "Parker Laboratories’ products continually meet the USP criteria for Antimicrobial Preservative Effectiveness.”


Buchalter’s comments were in response to the recently closed criminal and civil cases involving another New Jersey-based manufacturer, Pharmaceutical Innovations of Newark. The latter’s troubles began in 2012 when a Michigan hospital reported 16 surgical patients were infected with the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa, later associated with a particular lot of Pharmaceutical Innovations ultrasound gel. The subsequent investigation and federal action culminated on July 6, 2016 with a guilty plea and settlement by Pharmaceutical Innovations of both criminal and civil charges in U.S. District Court.


In an effort to clearly communicate and eliminate confusion for patients, healthcare providers, and the public-at-large, Parker Laboratories, Inc. the world leader for medical ultrasound and electromedical contact media offered an official statement. “Parker Laboratories is in no way related to Pharmaceutical Innovations, its products, or personnel and is not in any way a party to the circumstances and events leading to this recent case brought against Pharmaceutical Innovations by the United States.”


Since 1958, Parker Laboratories has been consistently positioned at the forefront of technological advances that characterize the ultrasound and electromedical industries. Parker’s flagship product, Aquasonic® 100 Ultrasound Transmission Gel, is the World Standard for medical ultrasound.

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Parker Laboratories Inc.

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Published on : Tue, 12 Jul 2016

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Parker Laboratories, NJ Medical Device,Ultrasound Gel Case Parker Laboratories Unrelated to NJ Medical Device Manufacturer in Contaminated Ultrasound Gel Case

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