Zoom On: Jamie Milas - Vice President of Marketing, EOS imaging

Zoom On: Jamie Milas - Vice President of Marketing, EOS imaging
Even a blind man can tell when he’s walking in the sun (Fink, Walking in the Sun)
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While at RSNA 2015, HealthManagement.org’s Zoom On met up with Jamie Milas, recently appointed Vice President of Marketing at EOS imaging

1. What are your key areas of interest and research/assignment? 

I am interested in proving  the clinical value of using 3D information for patient-specific diagnostic and surgical planning, to discover ways to transfer preoperative plans to the OR, as well as the role that 3D Printing can play in that space.  

2. What are the major challenges in your field? 

One of the major challenges in our field is to offer patient-specific treatments while reducing radiation and improving outcomes.  It is exciting to be part of EOS imaging, a company that tackles these challenges by using low-dose, stereoradiographic images, reconstructing 3D models from the medical image data and then using the 3D data for 3D surgical planning.

 Another big challenge is the lack of reimbursement for exam expenses and 3D reconstructions. As an industry, we need to gather clinical and economic evidence to convince payers of the benefits 3D can offer over the course of the entire treatment. If we can get to the correct diagnosis without needing CT or MRI, reduce the time in the operating room (OR), decrease the number of procedures needed, etc., eventually the healthcare system will recognise that the nominal cost of a 3D reconstruction should be reimbursed. 

3. What is your top management tip? 

My top management tip is to be an enthusiastic leader, because bringing energy to your work helps to motivate your entire team and makes the day more fun. I find that being energetic also helps my team and me to be creative and accomplish more. I am happy to say that I enjoy my work so much that it doesn’t feel like a job! This way of being and working tends to improve the morale of the entire team. 

4. What would you single out as a career highlight? 

I have had a fulfilling and interesting career. In 2008, I became engaged in the 3D printing market while working for a Belgian-based company called Materialise.  Being a part of that industry at a time when it really took off was definitely an exciting career highlight. I enjoy witnessing the new technologies, materials and applications coming out each year, especially those in the medical field. I’m glad that my new position with EOS imaging will allow me to continue to nurture and witness significant innovations.  

5. If you had not chosen this career path you would have become a…? 

I would have enjoyed being some type of psychologist. People tell me that I am a good listener, tend to give good advice and that I am an old soul. I like the idea of being able to use those strengths to help people.  Who knows, maybe this will be something I will pursue when I retire. After all, it’s never too late to re-invent yourself. 

6. What are your personal interests outside of work? 

Due to my heavy travel schedule, free time is not very abundant, but I like to prioritise spending time with my friends and family. When you are on the road a lot, there’s nothing like relaxing with your favorite people. I also enjoy golfing and hope to get back to yoga and ceramics some day.  

7. Your favourite quote? 

I enjoy music a lot.  Almost every month, I make a ‘diary’ playlist of songs.  Some songs are old, but I found the lyrics relevant; others I just discovered and love, and the rest reflect my mood during that month. It’s interesting to listen to a playlist from the past and remember what was going on in my life. So, many of my favourite quotes come from songs. One of my current favorites is « Even a blind man can tell when he’s walking in the sun. » from Fink’s Walking in the Sun, Sort of Revolution album. It reminds me to be happy and grateful.  

Jamie Milas has over 14 years of experience in the marketing of technical products and services. Prior to joining EOS Imaging as VP of Global Marketing, she was for 7 years Global Marketing Manager at Materialise, where she led an international team promoting healthcare software and services B2B and B2C. She has marketed a vast portfolio of medical imaging and surgical planning software as well as 3D printed medical devices. Jamie has an MBA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Dayton in the United States.

«« Lower Dose, Lower Contrast Possible for CTA Scans

Multimodality Imaging in Cancer Management »»

Published on : Mon, 21 Dec 2015

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Zoom On Imaging, Jamie Milas, EOS imaging, Zoom On Jamie Milas While at RSNA 2015, HealthManagement.org’s Zoom On met up with Jamie Milas, recently appointed Vice President of Marketing at EOS imaging.

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