TeraRecon Showcases Vendor-Neutral Applications for “Best of Breed” Radiology Department

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TeraRecon, the largest dedicated provider of advanced visualisation and decision support solutions for medical imaging, today showcased its suite of iNtuition Vendor-Neutral Applications, to empower the “Best of Breed” radiology department with solutions for image processing and distribution, at the 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), held at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, November 25th-29th 2012.


"Increasingly, we are encountering imaging professionals who are organising their radiology department to be able to leverage the best solution for each functional area” said Robert Taylor,

Ph.D. TeraRecon chairman, president & chief executive officer.


“Rather than be dependent on an image archive proprietary to the PACS, we see increasing interest in the deployment of a Vendor- Neutral Archive (VNA), which can then in turn support a range of Vendor Neutral Applications, which can access the images stored in the VNA, and then offer the best available technology for any given function.


“TeraRecon has always been such a Vendor Neutral Application, and at RSNA 2012, we are excited to present and offer best-of-breed iNtuition solutions in a wide range of areas. Our mission is to deliver best-in-class multi-modality clinical tools to support advanced imaging procedures, in parallel with highly scalable technology to connect physicians across specialty and geography, and to deliver the results of such interpretations beyond radiology, in context.”


TeraRecon innovations to address these needs showcased at RSNA2012 include:


iNtuition: Enterprise-class professional advanced visualization solution

iEMV: Zero-footprint, browser-based distribution of images to Image-Enable EMR

iNtuitionSHARE: CD-Free Image Sharing

iNtuitionCLOUD: All iNtuition features via an in-house or hosted Private Cloud


iNtuition continues to evolve and numerous key clinical enhancements will be showcased at RSNA 2012, particularly in support of the practice of Oncology, Cardiovascular, and Clinical Research:


Lobular Decomposition – Enhanced to support 8-segment decomposition

Findings Workflow – Tracking of volumes and measurements over time

PET – Enhanced support for images acquired with new tracers

Time-Volume Analysis – Enhanced support for Cardiac MRI image acquisitions

3D/4D Visualization – Enhanced workflow for valve analysis / transcatheter

Lesion-Specific Analysis – Support for research into downstream impact of stenosis



iNtuition Review expands the client capability of the company’s flagship iNtuition solution to support advanced professional multi-modality multi-monitor review. Especially suited to the

review of images related to conditions typically involving multi-modality imaging such as cardiac (Cath, Echo, CT, qualitative MR) and breast (mammography, breast MRI, ultrasound), iNtuition Review enhances the role of iNtuition as a complement to PACS within radiology workflow. iNtuition Review includes special functionality to create folders of cases for presentation in daily or weekly radiology conferences and multi-disciplinary meetings.



iEMV builds upon the multi-modality review capability of iNtuition Review, by providing a simple, intuitive, browser-based client which requires no download, no installation, and no plugin. A completely zero-footprint viewer, which supports a wide range of browsers dating back to IE7, iEMV seamlessly integrates with the advanced visualisation scene files from the iNtuition Client, and multi-modality case presentations from iNtuition Review. The iEMV solution is massively scalable, VMWare Ready, and virtualizable. On the client side, iEMV is equipped to integrate with EMR/HIS/PACS for enterprise access to image and non-image data in the context of access to the complete patient medical record.


Leveraging the powerful iNtuition Uploader, iNtuitionSHARE makes possible CD-free transport and distribution of images between medical facilities and peers, or patients. When a healthcare facility deploys an iNtuitionSHARE server, it is able to offer free access to network upload of images to institutions that need to send images into the facility, while removing the need to burn CDs for outgoing images. Rather, it is possible to simply provide a link through which external facilities and patients can view and download images as required.


iNtuitionCLOUD is a self-contained solution which allows the full capability of iNtuition to be deployed via a web browser, either as an externally-hosted managed service, or as an in-house Private Cloud. New accounting features empower iNtuitionCLOUD operators to track usage and bill accordingly. New improvements to the free iNtuition Uploader, a simple desktop executable, allow DICOM push of images to the Uploader for direct relay to the Cloud.

Published on : Mon, 26 Nov 2012

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TeraRecon, the largest dedicated provider of advanced visualisation and decision support solutions for medical imaging, today showcased its suite of iNtui

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