RSNA 2013: Barco Launches Nio Color 2MP LED Diagnostic Display

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Healthcare imaging specialist Barco announced the launch of a new high-bright diagnostic color display system: Nio Color 2MP LED. Featuring LED backlights and a unique front-of-screen sensor for on-demand image quality checks, the 2MP color diagnostic display provides an effective solution for a multitude of applications and modalities.

“In a time when healthcare reform discussions are the order of the day, the industry needs new ways to deliver care more efficiently and more effectively. Increasing clinical productivity is the main focus of our activities,” comments Lynda Domogalla, VP Product Marketing for Barco’s Healthcare division. “Our new Nio Color 2MP LED diagnostic display system with high-bright LED backlight technology and on-demand calibration has been designed to enhance visualization of diagnostic images in both grayscale and color, enhancing radiologist productivity and performance."

Barco’s high-bright LED backlights render more Just Noticeable Differences to help radiologists identify a larger range of shades of gray. Additionally, the Nio Color 2MP LED comes with a brand-new front-of-screen sensor, which works seamlessly with Barco’s online MediCal QAWeb solution for automated Quality Assurance and on-demand calibration. Combined with Barco’s image-enhancing Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT-LED) for long-term, accurate images, Nio Color 2MP LED reveals the smallest details, 
enabling radiologists to read their studies more efficiently. 

The Nio Color 2MP LED offers a high-bright LCD panel with a display resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Featuring a DICOM calibrated luminance of 400 cd/m² throughout its entire lifetime, the new display system is perfect for diagnostic imaging. It offers unrivaled color accuracy, accurate grayscales, a high contrast ratio (1400:1) and a 178° viewing angle to ensure confident image reading. As part of the Nio family, the new 2MP color display comes with integrated Backlight Output Stabilisation technology, ensuring fast power-up and long-term luminance stability.

Like all of Barco’s LED backlit diagnostic displays, the Nio Color 2MP LED is an excellent investment for healthcare organizations, as it increases throughput, saves energy, and has an extended lifespan. The on-demand image quality checks ensure maximum uptime of the display. Additionally, Barco’s LED backlights produce less heat, requiring less cooling and reducing the overall operational costs for the hospital. 

Barco’s new diagnostic display will be showcased at this year’s RSNA at booth 3306. The Nio Color 2MP LED is not yet available for commercial distribution in the United States. 

Source: Barco

2 December 2013

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Published on : Tue, 3 Dec 2013

Healthcare imaging specialist Barco announced the launch of a new high-bright diagnostic color display system: Nio Color 2MP LED. Featuring LED backlights

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