ECR 2011: Terarecon CLOUD European Datacenter Online

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Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Terarecon's European iNtuition CLOUD datacenter has been brought online to coincide with the 2011 ECR meeting. This European iNtuition CLOUD node will be automatically selected when users access their iNtuition CLOUD account from a location closer, in network terms, to this than any of the other key iNtuition CLOUD nodes, ensuring optimal performance of iNtuition CLOUD for European users, going forward.

TeraRecon, Inc. Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering, T.C. Zhao Ph.D., stated “Our evaluation program for iNtuition CLOUD has been a tremendous success, with nothing but positive feedback from evaluators. The addition of a dedicated European node for iNtuition CLOUD reaffirms TeraRecon’s commitment to providing optimized global access to TeraRecon’s advanced visualization and decision support solutions via the Cloud.”

The European node of iNtuition CLOUD is hosted in a secure datacenter at the hub of Frankfurt’s banking community, with excellent network connectivity directly to the European Internet backbone, and equipped with the world-class security features as demanded by the Frankfurt banking community. TeraRecon’s commitment to controlling the configuration and security of each iNtuition CLOUD datacenter differentiates the company from more generic Cloud hosting platforms which cannot speak to the specifics of each datacenter which will have to securely manage and protect confidential patient data.

Concurrent with the commissioning of the Frankfurt iNtuition CLOUD datacenter, the global iNtuition CLOUD network has been upgraded with the latest release of the iNtuition CLOUD software, with new feature to automate anonymization upon upload, to support compressed upload, and to simplify DICOM integration with existing image management systems in-house. In addition to providing secure browser-based access to the advanced iNtuitionTM Client, the mobile device application iNtuition MOBILETM for the iPadTM and iPhoneTM, the secure AquariusWEB zero-footprint web viewer with support for a wide range of browsers, and AndroidTM-based mobile devices, can also be used to access the iNtuition CLOUD servers seamlessly. Registered users are granted a unique, secure account login, which can be used to upload DICOM data and then to log in via a web browser to access the full, interactive application for real-time review and processing. The iPadTM application can be downloaded from global AppStore by searching on “TeraRecon”.

TeraRecon, Inc. President and CEO, Robert Taylor, PhD commented “The continuing evaluation phase for iNtuition CLOUD has proven the incredible interest in, and potential of, cloud computing as applied to advanced visualization of medical imaging, and in particular the potential of iNtuition CLOUD to redefine the way we deploy advanced visualization into the healthcare enterprise. This evaluation has also highlighted the potential of iNtuition CLOUD to expand the reach of advanced visualization beyond the larger departments that have typically been the only ones able to invest in and maintain a turnkey advanced visualization deployment. We are excited and energized to be at the disruptive cutting edge of this new paradigm, and we invite radiology professionals from around the world to join us in defining new boundaries for imaging at ECR 2011.”

iNtuition CLOUD is available immediately, free of charge, for evaluation by prospective users at

Published on : Sun, 6 Mar 2011

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Based in Frankfurt, Germany, Terarecon's European iNtuition CLOUD datacenter has been brought online to coincide with the 2011 ECR meeting. This European

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