Carestream MyVue Patient Portal Now in the Cloud

Carestream’s MyVue patient portal will be available as a cloud service in March 2013. MyVue empowers patients to securely access, manage and share their medical images and radiology reports with healthcare providers.

Deploying the portal as a Vue Cloud Service offers the flexibility of a monthly fee and canaccommodate more users without additional network expansions. Carestream manages remote access, networking requirements and security procedures for users of its cloud services, whilealso addressing regulatory compliance and service uptime.

MyVue is also available as an on-site portal for users of Carestream’s Vue PACS and Vue Archive, a vendor-neutral archiving solution that supports third-party PACS platforms.

The Ferrara Hospital in Italy conducted an on-site trade trial of the MyVue patient portal as an on-site deployment. The hospital serves a population of more than 350,000 and conducts about 150,000 radiographic examinations each year.

“MyVue is very attractive for patients because it enables them to have immediate access to their reports and images from their homes. More than 98 percent of our patients who participated in the trial were so enthusiastic about the product that they decided to continue using it,” said Giorgio Benea, the hospital’s Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “In addition to providing a more efficient way to deliver imaging data to patients, our hospital gains a favourable reputation for deploying truly innovative technology.”

When patients arrived at admissions, they were offered the option to access imaging exam results using the new patient portal. Patients that accepted received a password and links to access their own personal web page that contained their exams.

“MyVue helps empower patients to play a greater role in their medical care and gives healthcare providers an important tool in building patient satisfaction and loyalty,” said  Cristine Kao, Carestream’s Global Marketing Manager for Healthcare Information Solutions. “And since it’s so convenient for physicians to use, MyVue can help enhance referral volumes.”

Ferrara patients found the MyVue portal easy to use. “The MyVue portal requires no special knowledge of computers or applications, since each section has clear directions to guide users,” Benea said. “By clicking on intuitive icons, patients can share an imaging exam with physicians and can also download the files via the web.”

The MyVue portal emails a secure log-in to each patient, and medical images and reports can be accessed through the secure log-in from a variety of Web-browser enabled devices. No software downloads are required for patients or physicians. MyVue’s HTML5 viewer can be deployed on web-enabled devices such as the iPad and complements Vue Motion, Carestream’s vendor-independent image viewer for clinicians and referring physicians. Both MyVue and Vue Motion can help boost referring physicians’ satisfaction and enhance the exchange of imaging exams.

Published on : Wed, 6 Mar 2013

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Vendor-Neutral-Archives Carestream’s MyVue patient portal will be available as a cloud service in March 2013. MyVue empowers patients to securely access, manage and share their me

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