HealthManagement, Volume 5 - Issue 3,2006

Interview with Jarmo Reponen

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Jarmo Reponen

In this issue we speak with Dr Jarmo Reponen, the newly-elected President of EuroPACS.


Can I Ask You to Tell Us a Little About Yourself and Your Experience in the Field of Imaging?

I am a radiologist working as a head of department at Raahe Hospital, Finland. I also work part time as a research manager at FinnTelemedicum, which is a centre for e-Health and telemedicine at the University of Oulu. I have been working with radiology informatics for the past 15 years. My own research topics include teleradiology, mobile technology and integrated patient record systems. Currently, I am also serving as President of EuroPACS.


What do You Think has been the Most Important Development in Shaping European Imaging Practice Over the Last Decade?

In Europe, we have been able to harmonise our radiology education schemes, which has brought a more uniform quality to our practice. The European Congress of Radiology and European Association of Radiology have been important tools in this task.


What can You See in Your Crystal Ball for the Development of Medical Imaging Over  the Next Ten Years?

Medical imaging will be more and more multidisciplinary and more integrated to clinical practices. For example, in the field of surgical imaging a radiologist will be part of the operation team. New modalities like molecular imaging mean that we have to collaborate and communicate with other colleagues even more efficiently than today. At the same time, radiologists have to have a more profound knowledge of their own field. To me, that implies the necessity of subspecialising.


How do You View the Increasing Importance of IT in Imaging? Is it all Good News or do You Anticipate Problems?

The increasing use of IT technology has given us a tool to work more efficiently and timely deliver our reports to clinicians. Distant work and remote services have become possible. Also, modern volume imaging would have not been possible without capable workstations. At the same time our dependence on IT has made us quite fragile. We should take care of training, security and back up systems very carefully.


What Person do You Most Admire in this Field?

There have been so many active research groups in European universities and early adopters in hospitals during the last decade ‘digital boom’ that it is difficult to name just one key player.


In an Alternative Reality What other Career Path Might You have Chosen?

Once I had an opportunity to become an electrical engineer. Now photography fills my limited free time.

Jarmo Reponen In this issue we speak with Dr Jarmo Reponen, the newly-elected President of EuroPACS.   Can I Ask You to Tell Us a Little About Y

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