Imaging Management, Volume 12 - Issue 5, 2012

ECIO 2013

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The fourth European Conference on Interventional Oncology takes place in Budapest, Hungary, June 19-22, 2013.


ECIO Congress will now be an annual event, to reflect the rapid rate of progress in the field. ECIO 2013 will include double the number of hands-on workshops, for which pre-registration is recommended.


A highly productive feature of ECIO has been the “Bring Your Referring Physician” education grant programme, which has encouraged attending interventional radiologists to invite clinical colleagues from other departments to attend the conference free of charge.


This allows the guest colleagues to familiarise themselves with what interventional oncology can offer their patients, and how different treatment modalities can be best combined for maximum efficacy. It also gives colleagues the opportunity to strengthen their working relationships and discuss collaboration away from the busy hospital environment.


So far, the programme has attracted clinicians from departments as diverse as surgery, medical oncology, hepatology, radiation oncology,nephrology and gastroenterology, and CIRSE is looking forward to welcoming more specialists again in June.

The 2013 meeting will also feature some new formats and sessions, including a series of Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards: one on lung and kidney cancers, the other addressing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and hepatic metastases. The ever-popular ECIO meets… Sessions will again take place, this year with the additional participation of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology. The ECIO meets ESTRO session will be entitled “Professional issues in cancer care”, and collaboration with ECIO's longstanding partners the International Liver Cancer Association(ILCA) and the World Conference on Interventional Oncology (WCIO) will also continue.


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The fourth European Conference on Interventional Oncology takesplace in Budapest, Hungary, June 19-22, 2013. ECIO Congress will now be an annual event

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