Imaging Management, Volume 12 - Issue 5, 2012

COCIR Welcomes EC EHealth Action Plan

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COCIR, as the voice of the European Radiological,Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry has welcomed the European Commission’s new eHealth Action Plan, entitled ‘Innovative healthcare for the 21st century’ as it provides a comprehensive roadmap for smart and sustainable healthcare in Europe.


COCIR is pleased to note that the four pillars of the eHealth Action Plan - (1) Achieve wider interoperability in eHealth services (2) Support research and innovation and competitiveness in eHealth (3) Facilitate deployment and adoption of eHealth and (4) Promote international cooperation on eHealth at global level - are fully aligned with COCIR’s own vision and efforts developed to accelerate the deployment of eHealth.


COCIR and other stakeholders are actively participating in providing eHealth solutions through the European Innovation Partnership and the Active and Healthy Ageing Initiative. EU investment in Research is key particularly in interoperable patient records and for demonstrating best practice in the widespread deployment of telemedicine.


Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General said, “Our industry has devoted significant efforts over the last years to improve systems interoperability in partnership with user organisations and authorities and to supply the technologies required that will make eHealth a reality. The new eHealth Action Plan takes the right steps in supporting the sustainability of these efforts. The support of the Member States remains crucial to deploy such an EU-wide interoperability framework.” Adoption of eHealth by healthcare providers remains a major barrier to realising the full benefits of eHealth. The eHealth industry is working in close cooperation with clinicians to develop solutions based on clinical workflows, but additional efforts need to be developed.

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COCIR, as the voice of the European Radiological,Electromedicaland Healthcare IT industry has welcomed the European Commission’s new eHealthAction Plan, en

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