HealthManagement, Volume 7 - Issue 4, 2007

CARS 21st International Congress & Exhibition Successfully Held

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The 21st International Congress and Exhibition of CARS 2007 (Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery) was successfully held at the International Conference Centre in Berlin with 945 Registrants from 46 countries. The CARS meeting was also home to the 11th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery; the 9th International Workshop on Computer- Aided Diagnosis; the 25th International EuroPACS Meeting; as well as the 13th Computed Maxillofacial Imaging Congress.

Highlights from the Congress

The opening day of the 21st International Congress and Exhibition began with what will become a “new tradition” for CARS: A Clinical Day. The day’s presentations were focused on the expanding role of diagnostic imaging into the realm of medical therapeutics.


The keynote speech at the CARS opening ceremonies was given by Dr. Madjid Samii (International Neuroscience Institute, Hanover, Germany), who was also this year’s Honorary President of CARS 2007. Dr. Samii’s lecture, entitled “Innovation, Interdisciplinary, and Internationality in Surgery”, highlighted the philosophy, technology, and achievements that have been achieved in neurosurgery through the interchange of information and cooperation of a wide variety of medical and technical disciplines.


The 9th Annual Conference of the Society of Computer-Aided Diagnosis, under the leadership of Professor Kunio Doi, Chairman (University of Chicago Hospitals) and Dr. Ulrich Bick, Co-Chairman (University Hospital Charité, Berlin) was held at the CARS 2007 meeting. Special sessions focusing on advancements in the areas of breast, abdominal and brain and thoracic CAD were held.


The International Society of Computer Aided Surgery held its 11th Annual Conference at CARS 2007, under the guidance of this year’s President, Professor Takeyoshi Dohi (University of Tokyo).A tutorial on computer assisted surgery was presented by Dr. J. Thomas Lambrecht (University of Basle), and sessions on surgical modelling, simulation, navigation robot-ics, and image processing and visualisation were held.


The 13th Annual Computed Maxillofacial Imaging Congress under the chairmanship of Dr. Allan Farman (University of Louisville, Kentucky) was also held at CARS 2007. A tutorial on maxillofacial imaging was conducted by Dr. Stefan Hassfeld (University Hospital Dortmund) and Dr. Georg Eggers (University Hospital, Heidelberg). Sessions on 3D maxillofacial imaging and maxillofacial surgical navigation were held.


In addition to the opening day sessions, the Computer Assisted Radiology section of CARS, under the guidance of Dr. Stanley Baum, Chairman (University of Pennsylvania) and Dr. Bernd Hamm, Co- Chairman, (Charité, Humboldt University, Berlin) included sessions on medical and angiographic imaging, computer assisted radiation therapy, workstations and eHealth, image processing and visualisation, and workflow.


And finally, the 7th CARS/SPIE Joint Workshop on Surgical PACS and the Digital Operating Room, chaired by Professor Heinz Lemke (University of Southern California) and Dr. Osman Ratib (University of Geneva) was held on the closing day of CARS 2007.

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The 21st International Congress and Exhibition of CARS 2007 (Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery) was successfully held at the International Conferenc

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