UKIO Congress 2021

UKIO Congress 2021

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#EIforICS – Clinical and Regional Collaboration across Regions
June 10th – 12.30PM

presented by Johan Hendrickx, Europe & International Business Manager Enterprise Imaging IT, Agfa HealthCare

Much of the UK is now collaborating; specifically England is covered by one of 42 ICSs, and the national strategy for imaging networks commits to 18 consolidated networks by 2023. Their ambitions are the same; to improve population health, provide more efficient care through better sharing of resources, reduce health inequality, and improve quality of care.
Is your regional system taking full advantage of Enterprise Imaging? In this session, Johan Hendrickx will show how Agfa HealthCare’s roadmap helps trusts work together to make the steps to full regional image sharing and shared reporting workflow. Whatever the level of digital maturity in your region, Agfa’s vendor neutral approach helps you find the right solution for your network.

Johan Hendrickx is an expert in the domain of Enterprise Imaging IT; with a focus on enterprise-wide imaging, regional collaboration, workflow orchestration and data consolidation (VNA). In that capacity he guides healthcare organisations on the path to consolidated image management and outlines how to connect multiple healthcare systems together to provide access to the complete medical imaging record across regions.


Practical Application of AI – Lessons Learned
June 21st – 4.30PM

presented by Dr. Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer, Agfa HealthCare

Let’s clear the hype around AI and discuss practical lessons learned, identifying Radiology clinical challenges and the selection criteria for best of breed AI algorithms that help enable a data rich and predictively intelligent experience for users. This session will help attendees understand and apply a 5-dimensional approach to workflow automation.

Anjum Ahmed MBBS, MBA, is Chief Medical Officer and Global Director for Imaging IT Solutions (steering strategic innovation initiatives for Enterprise Imaging), at Agfa HealthCare, which he joined five years ago after 12 years at a top-tier global healthcare vendor, he was responsible for launching Agfa’s innovation strategy relating to AI and other ‘ologies’

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Welcome to UKIO 2021

Join us at the largest multidisciplinary imaging and oncology conference in the UK.

The theme for 2021 is Connect and Transform, recognising that as healthcare, industry, technology and patients move towards the new normal there are challenges to be met together, opportunities to be taken, and new ways of coming together. While we plan and hope to be together in Liverpool, UKIO Online proved this year that we can meet in other ways to share knowledge, learn from each other and collaborate, so our delegates, partners and supporters can be assured that we will meet again next year whether that be physically, online or both.

Programme will be available online here

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