KCI Launches Prevena™ Peel & Place™ Dressing with V.A.C.® Therapy Connector

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Kinetic Concepts, Inc. on May 22, 2013 launched a Prevena™ Peel & Place™ Dressing with a V.A.C.® Connector, which expands the availability of the Prevena™ Incision Management System. Now more patients will be able to benefit from surgical incision protection in facilities currently utilizing KCI V.A.C.® Therapy Systems. Surgeons will also have the flexibility to actively manage incisions with a variety of KCI therapy systems and dressing configurations to deliver the optimum patient outcome.

“We’ve been asking KCI for a connector that makes the Prevena™ Peel & Place™ Dressings compatible with its other V.A.C.® Therapy units and they have provided it,” said Professor Franco Bassetto, Full Professor of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital of Padova, Italy. “The Prevena™ System covers and protects the incision site and removes exudate and infectious material, which could save hospitals money by helping manage incisions in patients undergoing a variety of orthopedic, gynecological, cardiovascular and plastic surgery surgical procedures.”

The Prevena™ Incision Management System is the first and only powered negative pressure product designed specifically for surgical incision management. The Prevena™ System has been associated with a reduced risk of post-operative complications when compared to standard of care incision management in published studies covering a variety of incision types, including standard orthopedic, cardiothoracic and vascular procedures.

Two recently published independent studies on the Prevena™ System demonstrated favorable clinical outcomes in patients at risk for post-operative complications. This month, in the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Dr. Grauhan, et al reported statistically significant results of a prospective controlled trial of 150 obese patients undergoing sternotomy procedures.1 In the study, the control group treated with conventional sterile wound dressings experienced a 16% rate of infection versus 4% in the group treated with Prevena™ Therapy (p=0.0266). In the United States, the average cost of a sternal wound infection is $64,000.2

Similarly positive results were reported in the March edition of the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Dr. Matatov, et al performed a retrospective analysis of 115 groin incisions in patients requiring femoral cut-down procedures for vascular surgery.3 In this study, 30% of the patients in the control group (treated with either skin adhesives or absorbent dressings) experienced wound infections, while only 6% of the group treated with Prevena™ Therapy developed wound infections (p=0.0011). Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) of the groin can increase hospital stay by more than 9 days, costing facilities more than $20,000 per infection to treat; they also have an adverse impact on patient quality of life.

"The Prevena™ Peel & Place™ Dressing with a connector makes active incision management available to more patients by using the V.A.C.® Therapy Units many hospitals already have in place,” said Joe Woody, president & CEO, KCI. “This allows surgeons to decide whether their mobile patients need a complete Prevena™ System, perhaps for homecare, or whether hospital-based patients would benefit from a few days of Prevena™ Therapy delivered via a traditional V.A.C.® Therapy Unit.”

KCI estimates more than three million procedures are performed each year worldwide that could benefit from incision management with the Prevena™ System.

For more information about KCI and the Prevena™ Incision Management System, please visit www.KCI1.com.

Source: Kinetic Concepts, Inc.

Published on : Wed, 29 May 2013

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Kinetic Concepts, Inc. on May 22, 2013 launched a Prevena™ Peel & Place™ Dressing with a V.A.C.® Connector, which expands the availability of the

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