KCI Brings Enhanced Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System to Japan

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Kinetic Concepts, Inc. announced yesterday that its ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System is now available for in-patient use in Japan. The ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System, a lightweight, portable negative pressure therapy system, includes many enhancements that make using V.A.C.® Therapy simple for both patients and physicians while delivering improved clinical outcomes.

“As the negative pressure wound therapy pioneer in Japan and the rest of the world, we are committed to providing innovative healing technologies to the Japanese medical community,” said Joe Woody, president & CEO, KCI. “We also deliver gold standard service and the clinical evidence and support physicians need to improve patient lives.”

The newly approved system provides proven clinical outcomes based on T.R.A.C.™ Technology which monitors and maintains prescribed pressure at the wound site. T.R.A.C.™ Technology ensures optimal perfusion and oxygen is delivered to the wound site and helps ensure patient safety.

“The ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System is now available to patients in Japan. It provides the same T.R.A.C.™ Technology as the V.A.C. ATS® Therapy System, but is more sophisticated, technically improved and most importantly portable,” said Dr. Masato Kurokawa, Director of Plastic Surgery, Takarazuka City Hospital, Hyogo, Japan. “Based on substantial clinical evidence from around the world, I am confident that the ActiV.A.C.® System will provide outstanding healing results."

The ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System is lightweight (1.08 Kg) and portable which is a significant enhancement to the current KCI product offering in Japan. The new ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System provides tremendous benefits for patients in Japan, providing mobility during relatively long stays in the hospital and significantly improving quality of life during the recovery phase.

“KCI understands that innovation alone is not enough to change clinical practice and patient outcomes, which is why we provide extensive clinical training and support services,” said Mike Mathews, SVP, International, KCI. “Based on our extensive experience of the ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System, we believe that this product is the best choice in NPWT in Japan, ensuring optimal patient safety while delivering proven clinical outcomes.”

KCI KK introduced the first negative pressure technology product, the V.A.C. ATS® Therapy System, to Japan in April 2010. Prior to the launch of V.A.C.® Therapy in Japan, patients with serious wounds faced extensive recovery times and painful wound redressing. Typical patients eligible for V.A.C.® Therapy in Japan include those with dehisced and hard-to-heal open wounds, as well as wounds following trauma, surgery, and amputation.

To date, KCI V.A.C.® Therapy1 has been used to treat more than seven million wounds worldwide and has been clinically proven in more than 25 randomized controlled trials and 795 peer-reviewed articles.2 Over 93 percent of published NPWT literature is KCI V.A.C.® Therapy-specific.2

Source: Kinetic Concepts, Inc. via BusinessWire

Published on : Wed, 10 Apr 2013

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Kinetic Concepts, Inc. announced yesterday that its ActiV.A.C.® Therapy System is now available for in-patient use in Japan. The ActiV.A.C.® Therapy Syst

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