I Minute, I Question, I Answer: More ISICEM 2015 Interviews

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ICU Management is delighted to publish more interviews from ISICEM 2015, so grab a coffee and enjoy. We would like to thank all our interviewees for their time and interest. Hope to see you at ISICEM 2016....

Manuel W. Arias Otarola on the key challenges of critical care in Peru

Prof. Jean-Daniel Chiche on How to overcome barriers in translational research

Christopher R. da Costa on his work in sepsis

Prof. Bin Du on  the status of junior doctors' education in mainland China

Prof. Eric Hoste on When to start renal replacement therapy

Joanna Kerr on What problems do drug abusers cause for emergency departments

Vivek Kumar  about “ICU Management – The Journal”

Prof. Steven Laureys on How do we measure consciousness and predict recovery

Sanjay Mahajan on How to deal with the merging antibiotics resistance in India

Prof. Paolo Pelosi  What is the best mechanical ventilation strategy in brain injury patients

Susana Perez Cornejo on What are the challenges of critical care in Mexico

Beth Powell on How do you try to optimise limited resources

Prof. Kathy Rowan on What are pragmatic randomised control trials

Stephanie Strachan on What are the challenges of quality and patient care

Ahmed Mohamed Wagih Ouda on What are the challenges of critical care in KSA

Ewa Woznica on What are the challenges facing critical care students in Poland

Olivier Berthon on the state of non-invasive monitoring

Erik Kulstad - What is the Esophageal Cooling Device?

Zakk Zdravev - What are the unique offerings of biO2 medical?

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Published on : Wed, 24 Jun 2015

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