ESICM LIVES 2012 Lisbon - Lunch Satellite Symposia Organised by MAQUET

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Optimizing Patient-Ventilator Interaction and Chance of Success in NIV

Monday October 15, 12:30–14:00, Room Stockholm

Chairpersons: Massimo Antonelli and Paolo Navalesi, Italy


  • An overview of NIV ventilation.

Paolo Navalesi, MD, Novara, Italy


  • Why does NIV fail? Is there a role for NIV NAVA?

Leo M.A. Heunks, MD, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


  • NIV NAVA in the post-operative setting.

Mathieu Raux, MD, PhD, Paris, France

CO2 Reduction, Something We Should Care about!

Tuesday October 16, 12:30–14:00, Room Paris

Chairpersons: Antonio Pesenti, Italy and Alain Combes, France


  • How much CO2 is too much CO2?

Wolfram Windisch, MD, PhD, Cologne, Germany


  • CO2 Removal in early ARDS, a paradigm change?

Alain Combes, MD, PhD, Paris, France


  • CO2 Removal, the fast line in the emergency room?

Roberto Roncon de Albuquerque, MD, PhD, Porto, Portugal

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Published on : Mon, 1 Oct 2012

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SYMPOSIUM 1Optimizing Patient-Ventilator Interaction and Chance of Success in NIVMonday October 15, 12:30–14:00, Room StockholmChairpersons: Massimo Antone

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