Covidien Announces the Availability of Nellcor™ OxiMax™ SpO2 Technology with Dräger Infinity® Acute Care System in Europe

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Covidien has announced the availability of the new Infinity® MCable® with Nellcor™ OxiMax™ technology as an
integrated component of the Dräger Infinity Acute Care System™ in Europe. This system includes the
portable Infinity M540 monitor. The Infinity MCable with Nellcor OxiMax technology adds two vital
features to the compact Dräger monitor: Nellcor OxiMax specialty pulse oximetry sensors and Nellcor
SatSeconds™ alarm management technology.
The seamless integration of advanced pulse oximetry technology/clinician-controlled alarm management
from Covidien with portable patient monitoring devices from Dräger, a world-leading manufacturer of
medical equipment, underscores both companies’ continuing commitment to improving healthcare
delivery. This newly enhanced portable device now provides clinicians with state-of-the-art monitoring
technology to optimize patient care as well as a technological solution to improve hospital efficiency and
reduce the risk of human error.
“Accurate, uninterrupted monitoring of patients’ SpO2 levels enables clinicians to make decisions based
on real-time data,” said Robert J. White, General Manager and Vice President, Patient Monitoring,
Covidien. “Transporting patients within the hospital can result in gaps in information, which in some
cases can lead to poor clinical outcomes. Additionally, so-called ‘alarm fatigue’ poses a very real threat to
patient safety, when clinicians at understaffed hospitals find it increasingly difficult to distinguish genuine
medical emergencies from transient, minor events. Technologies that reduce these problems are likely to
improve patient safety and boost hospital efficiency.”
The Dräger Infinity Acute Care System is a fully networked system that integrates patient monitoring,
therapy, and IT across the entire healthcare system to improve safety, efficiency, and quality of care. The
system includes the Infinity M540, a portable patient monitor that moves with patients as they are
transported throughout the hospital. During transport, the Infinity M540 monitor continuously captures,
displays and stores vital patient data. Once the transport is complete and the monitor is re-docked at the
patient’s bedside, it automatically transfers all events and trends for the patient to the Infinity Medical
Cockpit™, part of the Infinity Acute Care System, for complete, seamless data recording. Because the
patient does not have to be disconnected and reconnected to monitoring devices, the risk of undetected
events is reduced, clinical efficiency is enhanced, and the patient is undisturbed.
“Covidien is focused on identifying innovative approaches to increasing patient safety, while
simultaneously helping clinicians and hospitals enhance efficacy and efficiency,” said Scott Kelley, Vice
President, Medical Affairs, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, Covidien. “Our partnership with
Dräger and the introduction of the Infinity MCable –Nellcor OxiMax are excellent examples of how our
ongoing pursuit is resulting in meaningful, measurable healthcare improvements.”
The Infinity MCable–Nellcor OxiMax incorporates the Nellcor SatSeconds technology into the Infinity
M540 monitor, enabling the device to generate “smart alarms” based on the severity and duration of a
patient’s oxygen desaturation. Clinicians can also use any of the innovative sensors offered by Covidien –
including the Max-Fast™ forehead sensor used for patients with poor perfusion and the SoftCare™
nonadhesive sensor line for patients with sensitive skin – which work only with Nellcor OxiMax
technology. Incorporation of the full range of Nellcor OxiMax pulse oximetry technology into the Dräger
Infinity M540 allows the portable monitor to be used effectively on all patient populations, from neonatal
and pediatric patients to fragile geriatric ones.
“Dräger’s Infinity Acute Care System brings state-of-the-art monitoring to new areas of the continuum of
care, and through this partnership, clinicians will now have access to leading monitoring technologies
offered by Covidien,” said Pete Wehrly, President, Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, Covidien. “The
introduction of the Infinity MCable–Nellcor OxiMax will, for the very first time, connect SatSeconds
alarm management system and our advanced SpO2 sensor technology into Dräger’s Infinity Acute Care
System at the bedside and beyond.”


Infinity, MCable, Medical Cockpit and Acute Care System are a trademarks of Dräger.

Published on : Thu, 6 Jan 2011

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Covidien has announced the availability of the new Infinity® MCable® with Nellcor™ OxiMax™ technology as an integrated component of the Dräger Inf

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