ICU Management & Practice, Volume 20 - Issue 4, 2020

ICU Management & Practice 2020 Subject Index

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Volume 20, Issue 1     1-98       

Volume 20, Issue 2     99-153                

Volume 20, Issue 3    154-237

Volume 20, Issue 4     238-327


Subject index



Flaatten H, Guidet B, deLange D. Lessons From the “Very Old Intensive Care Patients” (VIP) Project. 20(3):186-190.

Jain S,  Ferrante L. In Search of a Crystal Ball: Predicting Long-term Outcomes in Critically Ill Older Adults. 20(3):192-196.

Reid A, Young P. What Intensivists Can Learn From Geriatric Medicine. 20(3):207-209.

Subbe C, Thorpe C, Pugh R. Ageing and Critical Illness: What Does Quality Care Look Like?

Vincent JL. Ageing Population. 20(3):155.



Mansour MK. PCT-Guided Antibiotic Stewardship in COVID-19 Patients. 20(3):163-164.



Chaves F. Biomarkers and Their Impact in ICU Patient Outcomes. 20(4):251-252.



Cutler N, Signorelli J, Wieruszewski P, Reichert M, Khanna A. Angiotensin II in Post Cardiopulmonary Bypass Vasoplegia - The Experience So Far. 20(3):218-223.



Cecconi M. COVID-19: Challenges and Management in Italy and Lessons Learned. 20(1):6-12.

Cornejo A. Cunha A. COVID-19: Masks in Intensive Care Units. 20(1):66-68.

COVID-19 and the Potential Effects on the Cardiovascular System. 20(2):106-107.

De Waele E et al. Adaptive Strategies for Intensive Care During the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): The Brussels Experience. 20(1):20-27.

Ezzat A. Rubulotta F. Is COVID-19 the Black Swan? 20(2):114-115.

Ghani S. COVID-19 Global Response - Strengths, Weaknesses, Success and Failure. 20(2):117-


Heinemann S, Stais P. Ethics as Superpower Primum Non Nocere Against All Pandemic
Odds - Use Case COVID-19-ICU Bethany Hospital Germany. 20(3):178-185.

Higgs A, Udberg M, Hopkin G. Tracheal Intubation in the ICU During the COVID-19
Emergency. 20(1):30-35.

Kelly E, Wallace S, Puthucheary Z. Prolonged Intubation and Tracheostomy in COVID-19
Survivors: Consequences and Recovery of Laryngeal Function. 20(4):243-249.

Ksouri H, Doll S, Carrel G, Hergafi L, Sridharan G. Intensive Care in the Coronavirus Era: Keep
in Mind Your Collective Intelligence. 20(1):78-79.

Malbrain M, Ho S, Wong A. Thoughts on COVID-19 from the International Fluid Academy.

Michalsen A. Predicament Prevention for Pandemics. 20(3):166-168.

Naidoo K, Kloeck D, Mathivha L. The Calm Before the Storm. 20(1):60-62.

Nicole C. COVID-19: Overview of Nurse Assessment. 20(1):86-90.

Nosta J. An Adaptive Response to COVID-19. 20(1):38-41.

Patel J, Heyland D. Unmasking the Triumphs, Tragedies, and Opportunities of the COVID-19
Pandemic. 20(3):203-206.

Perez-Nieto O, Zamarron-Lopez E, Guerrero-Gutierrez M, Lopez-Fermin J, Deloya-Tomas E,
ÑamendysSilva SA. Challenges in the Management of Severe SARS-CoV2 Infection in Elderly Patients. 20(3):172-177.

Poole J. COVID-19 and the History of Pandemics. 20(1):70-75.

Salluh J, da Silva Ramos F. A COVID-19 Dashboard: Data Analytics to Aid Resource
Allocation in Intensive Care Units. 20(1):36-37.

Tomazini B, Azevedo L. COVID-19, Corticosteroids and the Road to Enlightenment.

Vincent JL. COVID-19 Challenges. 20(1):1.

Vincent JL. COVID-19: From Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir to Plasma Administration.

Vincent JL. Is the Severe COVID-19 Over in Europe? 20(2): 104-105.

Vincent JL. Lessons from COVID-19: ICU Preparedness, Ethical Issues and Digital Congresses.

Wang C. Personal Experience With Severe COVID-19 After 66 days in Wuhan. 20(1):64-65.

Wong A, Olusanya O, Wilkinson J, McDermott C. Ultrasound in Times of COVID-19. 20(1):43-

Wong A. What COVID-19 Has Taught Me. 20(1):76-77.

Yeow C. Why Intensivists Should Participate in Home Ventilation Teams
. 20(4):268-270.

Zampieri F. Keeping Best Practices in Critical Care During COVID-19. 20(2):109-112.



Fortin J. Noninvasive Haemodynamic Check to Guide Educated Decisions in the Management of COVID-19 Patients. 20(1):51.

Vasoactive Agent Management for Haemodynamic Support in COVID-19 Patients - The Surviving Sepsis Guidelines. 20(1):16-17.



Hawryluck L, Repa R. Innovations in ICU Expansion Solutions: From Tents to Modified Shipping Container Mobile Pods. 20(4):259-264.

Meli A, Coppola S, D. Chiumello D. The Night in the ICU. 20(2):125-127.

Poole J. Shadowing the Nightwatch: Nocturnal Activity in the ICU. 20(2):144-146.

Roepke R, Ranzani O. Making Decisions During ICU Night Shifts: Challenges and Considerations. 20(2):134-136.

Schoknecht K, Meyenburg-Altwarg I. Night Service in the Intensive Care Unit of a University
Hospital. 20(2):140-142.

Vincent JL. The Night in the ICU. 20(2):99.



Ageing Population. 20(3):213.

COVID-19 Challenges. 20(1):119.

The Night in the ICU. 20(2):147.

The Post-ICU Patient. 20(4):312.


Informatics and Technology

Hilty M, Ince C. Microtools to Identify and Resuscitate Microcirculatory Dysfunction in Critically Ill Patients. 20(3):230-232.

Lynch C, Jones G. Feeasiblity and Potential Benfits of Immersive Reality in the Intensive Care
Unit. 20(1):92-98.


Management and Leadership

Ho S, Wong A, Butnar A, Malbrain M. The Future of Critical Care: The Human Capital. 20(3):233-237.

Nacul F, Della Torre V. Human Factors in Critical Care Medicine. 20(2):151-153.

Rubulotta F, Mehta S, Leigh J. Intensive Care Medicine: Reflections on the Gender Gap. 20(4):319-324.



Continuous Monitoring of Urine Flow in COVID-19 and Other Critical Care Patients: Why and How. 20(1):42-43.

Michard F, Khanna A. Continuous Monitoring Beyond the ICU - The Rise of Mobile Solutions. 20(4):297-299.


Nurse and Nursing

Özcan E, Gommers D. Nine Nurse-Recommended Design Strategies to Improve Alarm Management in the ICU: A Qualitative Study. 20(2):129-133.

Sanchez-Sedekum T, Khairallah T. Engaging the Night Shift Nurse with Activities & Educational Opportunities. 20(2):148-150.



Amrein K, Zajic P, Hoffman M, Preiser JC, Maybohm P, Parekh D, McNally D. Vitamin D in Critical Illness – Fifty Shades of VIOLET. 20(3):214-216.

Chapple L, Fetterplace K, Ridley E. Nutrition for Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19. 20(1):52-57.

Obeid J, Hodgson C, Ridley E. Nutrition in the Post ICU Period: Where is the Evidence?

Tatucu-Babet O, Lambell K, Ridley E. Nutritional Management of the Critically Ill Older Adult.



Algethamy H.  Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest - Long-term Outcomes and Predictors. 20(4):305-307.



Choong K. Post-intensive Care Syndrome - The Paediatric Perspective. 20(4):288-291.

María Quintillá J, Esteban E, Weinstock P, Allan C, De la Gala C, Cambra F. Using Realistic

Simulation to Design a New PICU - Building Before Building: Designing the Dream PICU. 20(4):313-317.


Patient & Family Perspectives

Similowski S, Souppart V, Kentish-Barnes N,  Azoulay E. The Night Falls in the ICU: Changing

Realities for Patients, Relatives and the Interdisciplinary Team. 20(2):121-124.



Lobo-Valbuena B, Molina R, Gordo F. Post-Intensive Care Syndrome - Patients and Families Need to Know They are Not Alone. 20(4):271-274.

Martínez-Camacho MA, Jones-Baro RA, Gómez González A, Morales-Hernandez D, Perz-Nieto O, Zamarron-Lopez Eder I. Post-Intensive Care Syndrome - A Necessary Harm in the Critically Ill? 20(4):300-304.

Pavoni V, Pazzi M, Manni A, Coradi F, Forfori F. The Post-ICU Patient, 20(4):293-296.

Schaller S, Paul N, Grunow JJ. The Post-ICU Patient - Management of Long-Term Impairments After Critical Illness. 20(4):275-282.

Vincent JL. The Post-ICU Patient. 20(4):238.



Freeman-Sanderson A, Ridley E, Booth S, Haines KJ. Rehabilitation of the Critically Ill: The Role of Allied Health Professionals. 20(4):308-311.



Sarsanedas P. Precise Automated Resuscitation with RESPIRA. 20(1):58-59.



Cutuli SL, De Pascale G, Antonelli M. The Seraph® 100: Evidence and Perspectives. 20(4):Pages.

Gerlach H. Advances in Sepsis Research - New Tools Against One of the Oldest Diseases. 20(3):170-171.

Paternoster G, Nagy Á. Promising Techniques in Sepsis After Cardiac Surgery. 20(3):224-228.

Treatment of Catecholamine Refractory Hypotension in Septic Shock: Beyond First Line Vasopressor. 20(4):265-267.



Greig P. Darbyshire J. Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue Management in the Intensive Care Unit. 20(2):137-139.


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