MEDI-LEARN - Emergency Doctor Course Düsseldorf 2022

MEDI-LEARN - Emergency Doctor Course Düsseldorf 2022

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In addition to the 80-hour advanced training course for additional advanced training in emergency medicine, the emergency doctor course includes certified and structured training in resuscitation (ACLS of the American Heart Association) as well as certified and structured trauma care (ITLS Advanced Provider). Team resource management is also integrated into the course in a structured manner with our partner FaktorMensch. On site, of course, lunch, snacks and drinks are provided every day.

A comprehensive safety and hygiene concept forms the framework of our courses and includes general hygiene measures, distance rules , the mandatory use of FFP-2 masks and the division into small practice groups as well as the implementation of theoretical content in the form of online face-to-face seminars.

Practice is the focus

During the emergency doctor course, we will prepare you for service on the NEF. In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge, the focus is primarily on practice. Case studies and practical exercises help you internalize the routine activities and gain confidence in performing them.

Certified and structured trauma care

The two-day trauma care training course is integrated into the emergency doctor course. It takes place thanks to a cooperation with ITLS (International Trauma Life Support) in accordance with its internationally recognized course concept. After successfully completing the written and practical final exam, you will receive the ITLS Advanced Provider Certificate.

Certified and structured resuscitation

The ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) format, which we teach in accordance with the specifications of the American Heart Association (AHA), is also integrated into the emergency doctor course. You will be safe and fit in professional resuscitation based on internationally recognized standards. After successfully taking the final exam, you will receive a corresponding certificate.

Team Resource Management

The TRM (Team Resource Management) training is about safe action in critical situations. We offer them in cooperation with the nationwide active team of Faktor Mensch® as a central part of our emergency doctor course. Here you will learn how to act safely together with your team in an emergency, which human errors - beyond specialist knowledge - can occur in emergency situations and how these can be avoided.

Experienced team with numerous experts

The team of lecturers consists of experienced emergency doctors, senior physicians from emergency rooms, emergency paramedics and paramedics. You will be supported by other experts for special topics. These include air rescuers, aid workers, fire fighters, midwives and experienced emergency physicians for pediatric issues.

Mass casualty attack

The so-called MANV - mass incidence of injured persons - represents a great challenge for every emergency doctor. Unfortunately, the emergency doctor course itself only allows very little time to consider this complex issue. Therefore we offer a unit to approach this important topic. The MEDI-LEARN MANV simulation system is available to the participants for this purpose, which was specially developed for the training of senior emergency physicians.

Certification by the medical association

It goes without saying that each of our emergency doctor courses is certified by the relevant medical association, which usually awards 80 advanced training points. The training takes place in accordance with the requirements of the advanced training regulations as an 80-hour course in general and special emergency treatment for the attainment of additional advanced training in emergency medicine.

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