74th National Congress of the (SIAARTI) - ICARE 2020

74th National Congress of the (SIAARTI) - ICARE 2020

Events from 09-11, 16-18, 23-25 October,2020

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Dearest colleagues,

only a few months ago the possibility was anticipated that the 74th SIAARTI National Congress would have suffered, like our lives, the influence of SARS-CoV-2. But the Presidency had promised that we would do everything to ensure ICARE 2020reached each of you, also out of respect for the great clinical contribution that, today more than ever, the Anesthesiologists have been able to express. The epidemic has faded, but the lesson should not be underestimated and we have understood, like many scientific societies, that congress events also deserve respect and precautions; therefore the congress will be held in virtual form, for the full safety of operators and the population. SIAARTI therefore offers you an ICARE 2020 - 74th National Congress no less innovative and stimulating than expected: but what does the choice of virtual entail?

By avoiding physically gathering more than 4,000 participants, as expected at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna, ICARE will be able to reach many more without risk. No travel or travel or moments of aggregation, but also no access regulation to guarantee distancing and more opportunities for updating for all those who would not have been able to participate in person!
The Committee and the Congress Secretariat are working to transform the usual sessions of the program in presence into an easier and more accessible event, with wider time slots, without the usual contemporaneity that in the presence events prevent from participating in many interesting sessions.
You will soon receive all the practical information, in the meantime here are the most important news:

1) ICARE expands its program : from 3 days initially planned to 3 weekends with live scientific sessions, interviews, webinars on innovative content and classroom comparison

2) ICARE expands its usability : it will be possible to follow the Congress comfortably from your tablet, laptop or smartphone

3) I CARE also this year will facilitate the comparison with companies on the innovations offered by the market and scientific development. This is how ICARE 2020 - DIGITAL WEEKS were born

9 - 11 OCTOBER
16 (Ether Day) - 18 OCTOBER
23 - 25 OCTOBER

But the fruition will not be limited to these days: after the end of the Congress all the contents will be available to the participants for a whole year and in the weeks preceding the live shows you will be involved in interaction activities that will expand the training offer.
There will also be some other little surprises that we prefer not to reveal… so follow all the updates on the site and stay tuned!

Prof. Flavia Petrini
President of SIAARTI

Prof.ssa Gilda Cinnella
Head of the SIAARTI Congress Committee

WE CARE for ICARE 2020

Programme available online here

Registration available online here

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