So Why am I Worrying Now? Thoughts from the UK on Pandemic Times

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 My Dear Readers,

Time is flying, and here I am again, sharing my thoughts as a registered nurse working during a very dramatic time.


The first half of the year of 2021 is over. If you reflect now, one can not comprehend of what has happened in the world during these last months. It is almost impossible. Where will one start and stop? And in this respect, I don’t even mean the healthcare setting solely.

When I watch the news now, I see most of the time negative reports about current affairs and, of course, still about the slow development of international vaccination programmes for Africa, India as well as for South America.

As a nurse, I always appreciate my life in the so called ‘Western World’, I’m still sitting in front of the 'tele' with big eyes and I wonder and question myself with BIG massive: WHYS?


I cannot understand it... maybe my brain also slowly shut downs to be able to understand those complex subjects. Well, at least the vaccination programmes are complex, but still doable as we can see.


My brain has been overloaded with so much new knowledge of this new disease of COVID 19 during the last 15 months which also holds so many emotions!

Maybe I have become somewhat immune to negative news, which might not be bad at all. It might help me to continue to work professionally and also try to live a life with less fears and worries. Big maybes here, time will tell.


It also might be a strategy to overcome the following challenges, which we in the UK currently have to face after the big 3 waves of this viral hurricane. The delta mutation of COVID-19 has swept our happiness of ‘recovery’ a little bit away. My emphasis here is ‘little’. Because deep down the line, I know, we will manage it. We have to!


To be able to stay in some way positive here, despite the awful news in the world (politics etc.), I can honestly say that I have learned a lot from the last 15 months - both professionally and personally.

As a registered nurse, I gained more knowledge and feel safe and confident in treating COVID-19 positive patients. But also as a private person, I have  experienced challenges, recognise independently how hefty they are and have learned how they ground me.


So why shall I worry to death if I watch the news?


It will be wasted energy, which I could use for more beautiful things in life!


What have I learned from this time? 

Well, my core key for my life is now: To live a good and healthy life, to worry less (if possible), when the storm on the wards is too hefty, I will slow down, because I remind myself of what we have achieved during the last 15 months and know that we can overcome. We are capable of achieving a lot...  and I am confident that we will succeed in our battle against the current mutations and the ones that will surely follow.


Many thanks, my dear readers for your time!


Warm regards,











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Published on : Tue, 27 Jul 2021

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