Meet the Team: Maria Christodoulidou, Social Media Manager

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Maria Christodoulidou is Social Media Manager for  Since September 2016 when she first joined, she is responsible for the online activities of She is also in charge for Media Partnerships with healthcare events and congresses.

Maria studied BA Communications at University of Leeds and she continued with her Postgraduate course in Strategic Communications and Public Relations at the American College of Greece (DEREE). 

1.What are your key areas of interest?
I am passionate about social media and generally technology and the Internet.  It’s quite interesting how I didn’t actually grow with all this technology around me, but the last years it has completely changed how people interact and communicate with each other. I can admit that it will be impossible for me to live without this technology around me. It’s worth saying that technology is an amazing tool when someone knows how to use it correctly and effectively. Mobile, the Internet & social media were my best friend when I was studying abroad.

2. What are the major challenges in your field?
Considering that social media and the Internet change constantly, it’s challenging to always keep yourself up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies. Additionally, trying to adapt all these new trends in practice can be risky sometimes as you can never be sure about the outcomes. Indeed, this is what makes it interesting at the same moment. You always live in a testing mode and check what fits your organization perfectly.

3. What is your top management tip?
Always see your colleagues as a team that you respect and help each other for better results. 

4. What would you single out as a career highlight?
My job in is my first job ever. Until now, this is my career highlight as I managed to work in a great-environment doing what I really like (social media)

5. If you had not chosen this career path you would have become a…?
I would love to be a dancer or a radio producer.

6. What are your personal interests outside of work?
Family, going out with good friends, dance, good music and travelling!

7. Your favourite quote?
“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

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Published on : Tue, 7 Feb 2017

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