Are We on the Road to Nowhere?

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Dear Readers,


We are coming to the end of another challenging year. Another 12 months are almost over.


What a year it was for us all and what years are ahead of us!


As you all might know by now, I am a quite up-beat person writing about ANDRA TUTTO BENE (Everything will be alright). But hey-ho, the last Saturday before the 1st advent changed my mood within nanoseconds. The UK got the first two confirmed cases of the new mutation – Omicron.


I really could not believe it and at the same time I did. We all knew that after Delta, another one will pop up, and another one, and another.... but for some reason, we all had more time for a big breathing in before the next round in the boxing gym will start.


Phew! Are we on the road to nowhere? I actually LOVE the song from the pop group Talking Heads‚ ‘Road to Nowhere’.


While I write this article, this song is playing!


I am back on the ward in two days’ time and I already know, that my shift will be far away from normal. When do we have the normal back? I want it so desperately back. I miss my times as a nurse where I entered my ward with a normal feeling. I could always foresee of what might happen. Due to the pandemic outbreak, this very intensive feeling is currently on a burner. Instead, other feelings are inside of me with a MONSTER BIG QUESTION MARK.


When will be the madness over? I am also getting tired of the discussion in the forums and amongst us healthcare professionals and politicians whether we need to have the compulsory vaccination or not. ‘OF COURSE,’ is my answer. I want to work as a nurse on a normal level. I don’t want to wear a FFP3 mask for the rest of my working life as a nurse. AND most importantly, I don’t want to face the fear of getting the evil virus again or even its mutation. I want that my mum and dad are coming to the UK with a safe feeling. I want to go to the cinema, theatre, festivals and meet friends without a kind of fear.


I want, I want, I want!


I want much, I am well aware about my wishes and actually my rights as a nurse! And hopefully, I speak here for thousands of nurses, midwives, doctors, carers, and paramedics.


We in the healthcare setting we are tired, exhausted to look after our societies. It is actually a civil duty for all of us – not just us healthcare staff to get the vaccination.


Otherwise, we all going to stay on the road of nowhere!


For those, who want to read the lyrics of this epic sound, please see, and think!


STAY SAFE and some ‘Andra Tutto Bene’ is still in me! Make it bigger for us nurses, please!!! And get the SHARP SCRATCH!!

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Published on : Sun, 5 Dec 2021

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