Competition Heats Up: Top Nine Finalists Selected at IT @ NETWORKING AWARDS 2011

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Innovative healthcare IT and medical technology solutions are one step closer to winning the coveted IT @ 2011 trophy and record cash prize at the IT @ Networking Awards 2011.

Willy Heuschen, Secretary General of the European Association of Hospital Managers was on hand to officially open the event, welcoming contestants and delegates. Heuschen highlighted the increasing importance and relevance of healthcare IT and the great opportunity the IT @ Networking Awards is for decision-makers tolearn about these solutions; to have access to their developers and users; and to ask questions and judge the projects themselves.

Christian Marolt, Secretary-General of the European Association of Healthcare IT Managers also addressed the crowd. His message was clear: this is not a normal congress but a competition and an exciting opportunity to showcase the latest innovations in healthcare IT and medical technology. Likening the competition to the World Cup, Mr. Marolt promised fierce competition with high stakes and attendees were not disappointed.

The top 20 nominees presented their projects at IT @ Networking Awards 2011 January 19 at the Théâtre du Vaudeville, Brussels, Belgium.

During the MindByte sessions, presenters from Italy, Sweden, the UK and even as far afield as India joined together to share their experiences of implementing innovative healthcare IT and medical technology solutions from telecardiology and personal health records, to speech recognition and medical documentation. The audience and panel of expert judges did not hold back in questioning each presenter before casting their votes.


The top nine finalists selected from the MindByte sessions are:


- Medical Image Repository for Physicians and Citizens (Carl Rubies)


- Infobroker- an ICT Healthcare Solution: Reflections and Lessons Based on Four Years Experience, Building an Enterprise Infrastructure for Image and Text Information (Nina Margareta Lundberg, Lars Lindskold, Mikael Wintell)


-From ‘Micro-‘ Towards ‘Macro-‘ Mobility. Building Efficient Clinical Processes by Using a Hospital-Wide, Standardised and ‘Near-‘ Patient Communication Platform (Carl Dujat)


- IT Meets Medical Engineering -Process Optimisation in Medical Documentation (Michael Heinlein)


-Web 2.0 to Share Medical Knowledge and Improve Care: The Scientific Social Network of Madrid Health Region (Manuel Vallina)


-Catalan Health Personal Folder (Joan Guanyabens I Calvet)


-Healthcare for the Rural Poor- WHP’s Initiative (Prachi Shukla)


-Clinical Workstation (CWS), the GPS of Every Medical User (Rudi Van de Velde)


-Inventing Digital Hospital Infrastructure (Arve-Olav Solumsmo)


Finalists will move onto the WORKBENCH sessions on January 20, where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate and discuss their solutions in greater detail and to participate in a Q&A from the audience. The top three solutions will be awarded their prizes during the evening reception at the Théâtre du Vaudeville.

About the Awards

IT @ 2011 recognises the innovators of healthcare IT – those who have designed and implemented new solutions. The winning project will receive an unrivalled cash prize of 5,000 euro, the IT @ Networking Awards 2011 trophy, anda two-page spread featuring their solution in Europe’s leading healthcare management media.

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Published on : Thu, 20 Jan 2011

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Innovative healthcare IT and medical technology solutions are one step closer to winning the coveted IT @ 2011 trophy and record cash prize at the IT @ Ne

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