Symposium Syncope

Symposium Syncope

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Global cerebral hypoperfusion may have different endpoints complex mechanisms that lead to syncope. The targeted clarification of these symptoms continues to present us with great challenges in a wide variety of medical fields. We have succeeded in recruiting a number of proven professionals who are the Discuss various causes of syncope.
Alessandra Fanciulli and Rose-Anne Kenny are members of the Task Force for the Development of the European Guidelines on Syncope. Rose-Anne Kenny, has in Dublin set up a large Falls and Syncope Unit (FASU) and published a large number of publications on syncope. She will give us an overview of this Bring guidelines.

Alessandra Fanciulli, a proven specialist in autonomous Disturbances of the nervous system will refer to the orthostatic syncope. Wilhelm Grander, who has studied the pathophysiology of Employing reflex syncopes will bring us closer to this topic. Daniel Scherr, Head of Rhythmology in the Clinical Department of Cardiology at the MUG in Graz and our contact for complex rhythmological issues, deals with the important topic of cardiac syncope. Michael Nürnberg, rhythmologist at the Wilhelminenspital Vienna and expert on invasive and non-invasive rhythmology, becomes the subject of unclear syncope and dedicate to their clarification.

The lectures are based on illustrative case studies from KAGES hospitals added. In the last part, the Styrian path is used for the structured clarification of Syncope patients presented, which was developed on the basis of the ESC guidelines for the hospitals of the Styrian Hospital Society. This clarification algorithm led to a faster diagnosis and to an improvement in the rate of diagnosis

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