IFIC 2016

IFIC 2016

IFIC2016 finds itself in Vienna, the ‘City of Music’. It is a city with strong associations with Ignaz Semmelweis, the father of modern “hygiene”, and thus of healthcare infection prevention and control. Today, this field of work is – as many other aspects of our lives – confronted with intriguing perspectives as well as frightening but exciting challenges. It is this that prompted us to choose “Looking back to understand the future” as the title of the Conference, and has guided the planning and the flavour of our sessions.

IFIC 2016 will aim to show how we have evolved modern day practices. Like Semmelweis, we hope to identify and help overcome the problems we all face in our attempts to introduce changes in medical practices that will lead to clear, sustainable reductions in infections in the patients cared for in all health settings. Our scientific programme will present experiences from all over the world to help understand and influence patterns of behaviour, highlight the different approaches needed globally to be synchronous with the different cultures and values found within diverse countries and institutions, and identify ways in which we can bring about effective change.







01 July 2015

Scholarship application opens

01 September 2015

Free paper abstract submission opens

15 September 2015

Online registration opens

01 November 2015

Deadline for IFIC scholarship applications

15 November 2015

Deadline for free paper abstract submission

01 December 2015

Notification of acceptance of IFIC scholarship applications

15 December 2015

Notification of acceptance of free paper abstracts

15 January 2016

Deadline for early registration fee

01 February 2016

Deadline for hotel accommodation

16-19 March 2016

Sixteenth IFIC Congress


Abstracts will be accepted through the conference website from 01 September 2015. The deadline for submission of abstract is 15 November 2015. The final decision about abstract acceptance will be communicated by 15 December 2015. Submissions can be either research based or practice oriented.


IFIC will again facilitate attendance through a number of scholarships. Further information can be obtained from the congress website as well as www.theific.org from 01 July 2015. The deadline for scholarship applications is 01 November 2015.


Ample opportunities are available for industry participation through exhibition booths, symposia and other sponsorships. IFIC conferences are characterised by the participation of key decision makers and senior representatives from infection control societies worldwide.

Conference registration will commence from 15 September 2015. Early bird reduced fees will remain applicable until the 15 January 2016.



Until 2/1/2016

Delegate from developing country

300 EUR

IFIC Associate Member

300 EUR

Other delegate

350 EUR

Accompanying person

100 EUR

Gala dinner on Friday evening

80 EUR

* Countries considered as developing are listed athttp://www.theific.org/waivedmembership.asp. The reduced registration fee of €300 will also apply to IFIC Associate members working in the same list of developing countries.

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Keynote lectures:

  • Semmelweiss: the man behind the myth
    Manfred Rotter
  • How can we manage the future?
    Christoph Kucklick
  • Hospital organisation, management, and structure for prevention of health-care-associated infection – what are the essentials?
    Stephan Harbarth
  • Healthcare-associated bacteria: Transmission and spread
    Hajo Grundmann
Pro-con sessions:

  • Infection control can only improve with more and better evidence based medical studies
    Yes: Gary French; No: Michael Borg
  • What is the main impact of antibiotic stewardship programmes?
    Save money: Andreas Voss, Reduce antibiotic resistance: Agnes Wechsler-Fördös

  • IFIC
    • Behaviour change in infection prevention & control
    • My favourite papers on...
    • Gram-positives: still relevant?
    • Infection prevention in ERCP and other invasive endoscopic procedures
    • Infections in intensive care
    • My top infection control intervention
  • French/German societies
    • Vision-Zero: How others do it
  • HIS
    • Multi resistant Gram Negative HAIs: still time to bolt the stable doors?
Keypad interactive workshops:

  • Prevention of infection in haemodialysis units
  • Outbreak!

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