European Neurology Congress 2022

European Neurology Congress 2022






We are delighted to announce the "35th European Neurology Congress," which is an extension of series of successful European Neurology congress. On March 23-24, 2022, the conference will be held in the artistic heritage city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The conference's purpose is to build translational neuroscience initiatives that will help people to better comprehend how treatment techniques have progressed and how the field has grown in recent years.

Patient care, innovation, digital neurology, and research are four traditional objectives that the conference firmly embraces. Neurology and neuroscience are rapidly emerging domains, featuring cutting-edge technologies redefining our understanding and therapies for neurological disorders.

The theme of European Neurology 2022 is "Shape Up a Better World Without Any Disorders" emphasizing the significance of collaboration and communication among individuals from diverse professions.

The congress involves multiple presentations, interactive breakout sessions, hands-on practice and unrivalled networking prospects. And a gateway to interact in person with groups, colleagues, experts and exhibitors in the area to broaden your knowledge, exchange ideas and to have a memorable time at a wonderful location is just an Honorarium.

Student Poster Competition and Young Research Forum is to be hosted at the conference to encourage students and graduates to submit their original research, which will then be published in Conference Series LLC Journals. All accepted abstracts will be presented in poster sessions during the conference. Conference Series LLC offers all participants unable to attend the conference with an opportunity to submit electronic posters with an abstract posted on the website under the DOI number.

Business Networking is a vendor venue for networking and B2B meetings with "The best academics and peers," and a low-cost, effective marketing method to develop referral-based sales, opportunities, and contacts through their presentations, either in person at meetings and gatherings, or through other contact methods such as telephone, email, digital websites and, increasingly, social and business networks.

Our Congress impart new thoughts, beliefs, techniques and strategies that legitimately influence the way we work together. No other conference will offer a great selection of keynote speakers, high-profile attendees, and engaging content.

European Neurology 2022 will bring together the exchange of legitimate thoughts and perspectives from leading researchers, as well as economic pioneers and speculators in this exciting field. Prominent speakers and leading researchers and specialists from around the world are invited to share their knowledge and experiences.

Event attendees are typically high-level decision makers representing different parts of the industry, and many of the attendees are our previous speakers who know each other. This creates an informal and casual environment with the right attitudes towards gathering new people.

The main theme for European Neurology 2022 is “Shape Up a Better World Without Any Disorders"

We look forward to welcoming you and inviting you to participate in our exciting conference. Provide us the opportunity to meet and greet you in one of the most beautiful urban communities in the world.

It will cover a wide range of fundamentally important topics. European Neurology 2022 focuses on the latest research and various tools to help treat infections. This meeting will be the best place to learn about the latest research and future innovative work in the fiend of neurology.

A neurological problem is the confusion occurred in the nervous system; it can also clear up as additional electrical or biochemical abnormalities in the spine, brain or some other nerve. This can also provoke different types of manifestations.

There are in excess of 600 sorts of Neurological Disorders, for example, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's infection, Parkinson's sickness, stroke, cerebrum tumours etc. A gauge of 6.8 million individuals bites the dust each year.

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