EHMA 2022 Annual Conference

EHMA 2022 Annual Conference

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EHMA 2022 Annual Conference

15-17 June 2022

again in person in Brussels, Belgium

We are pleased to announce that the EHMA 2022 Annual Conference on the theme ‘From people to systems: leadership for a sustainable future’ will take place on 15-17 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. The conference will bring together key healthcare stakeholders providing the latest evidence to guide the much-needed transformation of health systems. It will support managers and health systems to excel in a time where the complexity of the challenge ahead is immense.

One of EHMA’s main areas of work has been maintaining a dialogue between policymakers, health managers and professionals, thereby facilitating policy refinement and change. The EHMA 2022 Annual Conference is an occasion for health managers and professionals to have their voices heard, to connect with decision-makers, and inform policymaking at the European level.



From people to systems: leadership for a sustainable future


The conference is structured around four tracks that reflect the holistic practice of health management, and frame the lenses through which contemporary topics are analysed and discussed at the conference. The tracks are: Governance and leadership; Management, Operations and Practice; Finance and Economics, and; Policy and Regulations.


Five optional topics have been chosen to help steer the focus, they include: people-centred systems; managing the digital transformation; workforce of the future; shaping sustainable systems, and; improving healthcare access, delivery and outcomes.



Patient-centricity has been a key topic within health systems, giving way to bringing in patients in the decision-making, planning, development, and monitoring of their care. Moving beyond patients and their conditions within the health care setting, people- centredness extends the concept to individuals, families, communities, and societyand focus on population empowerment, as well as social services and broader health determinants.

This topic includes different models and processes to ensure that people are the priority when discussing value, developing new technologies, and analysing integrated care needs.Some questions to be answered are how to manage the paradigm shift to people-centred care and balance evidence-based healthcare management and patient preferences.


Digital health and the digital transformation of health systems have been a priority topic for European health systems, which have moved even higher on policy agendas during the pandemic. One of the lessons learnt through the increased adoption of digital innovation is that although technology is essential, it is people that drive change.

Digital tools should connect and serve patients and professionals without losing sight of the social and human element of medicine.How can health systems ensure the effective adoption of digital innovation such as Artificial Intelligence and robotics? What is theimpact of new technologies on population health and expenses? How can health systems build trust in digital innovation?


Future health systems depend on people and investing in the future of health systems means to invest in the health workforce of the future. As societal and technical evolution occur, the health workforce must rapidly change and adapt to safeguard patient and their wellbeing, as well as their professional existence. Healthcare is provided by people to people but sometimes healthcare workers are left with the hopeless feeling that they are ‘working together alone.

What are the needs of the health workforce? What are the key areas to invest in to support the health workforce? How will their upskilling, reskilling, and skill-mixing needs change? How do we address challenges relating to shortage and mobility of professionals? How can health managers support professional collaborations and relationships?


To be sustainable European health systems need to adopt a wide understanding of sustainability considering economic, environmental, and social aspects. Sustainable health systems ensure the provision of appropriate and adequate care to patients, the affordability for payers (whether it is patients, families, employers, or governments), the adaptability to change, as well as the lowering the negative impact of health systems on the environment.

How can health systems participate towards achieving the sustainable development goals? Which strategies, processes, solutions can health systems and managers implement to ensure the sustainability of health systems? Including their resilience; emergency/pandemic preparedness; as well as health crisis management and prevention.


Many subgroups of the population face inequalities and considerable barriers that impede access to healthcare resources and services, and affect their health and wellbeing. There is a need for health systems to address the social determinants of health and disparities.

How can health systems ensureequitable access to health services, and achieve the delivery of better quality of care and better health outcomes? What are the new developments in models of healthcare delivery?

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