23rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Clinical Virology

23rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Clinical Virology

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On behalf of the European Society for Clinical Virology, it is our pleasure to invite you to the 23rd Annual Conference to be held in Manchester, UK on 15th-18th September 2021.

The 23rd ESCV Annual Meeting will present an outstanding programme covering the most recent discoveries and innovations in Clinical Virology including the very recent topic of "Covid-19 pandemic" and state-of-the-art updates on current areas of interest to virologists. Sessions will include the use of Next Generation Sequencing in Virology, Hepatitis, Emerging Viruses and Zoonoses, Viral infections in Pregnancy, as well as Advancements in Diagnosis, Monitoring, Prevention and Treatment of a range of viral diseases. The meeting will provide a stimulating and engaging experience for established clinical virologists, for colleagues new to the area and for those in related fields with an interest in this exciting discipline.

The annual ESCV conference is an excellent environment for meeting colleagues old and new and catching up with developments in clinical virology, and Manchester Conference Centre in the heart of this vibrant city is the perfect venue to host the 2021 meeting.

Manchester has always been strongly linked with science, the room in which Rutherford first split the atom is still in use at the University of Manchester, the World’s first passenger train ran from Manchester to the neighbouring city of Liverpool, the first computer and the first test-tube baby were both born in Manchester, and the new wonder material graphene was discovered here. Now Manchester leads the way in many areas such as smart textiles, digital health, advances in cancer treatment, including the UK’s first proton beam therapy facility and quantam dot technology.

Modern Manchester is an excellent conference venue, easy to get to by air, rail or road. It has a compact and easy to walk around city centre with great shopping, entertainment and leisure options including many bars and cafes just a few minutes walk from the conference centre. Manchester is renowned for its wonderful music scene and for those with an interest in it, we are also quite good at football.

We look forward to welcoming you to Manchester in September 2021 for a wonderful scientific meeting and an overall thoroughly enjoyable conference experience.

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