3 Must-Attend Conferences in 2017 for Cardiology

3 Must-Attend Conferences in 2017 for Cardiology
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From Italy to Spain, there are a great deal of cardiology conferences taking place around the globe this year. Renowned cardiologists and specialists in the heart sector are gathering together at some of the most exciting events of the year. There may be many events to look forward to, but as we all know, it is virtually impossible to attend them all. So which conferences are the most recommended? To help you plan ahead, HealthManagement.org picks out the three must-attend cardiology conferences of 2017 …

Heart Failure 2017

Where? Paris, France
When? Saturday 29 April - Tuesday 02 May 2017

The world’s leading congress for cardiology experts are taking centre stage at the Heart Failure congress this April. Meet inspiring leaders and learn about the various strategies for the prevention and treatment of heart failure alongside over 6000 attendees. Do not miss out on the opportunity to be in the same room as 6 148 healthcare professionals from more than 100 countries and 272 faculties. With 108 scientific programme sessions and 2 010 abstracts and clinical cases submitted, the Health Failure congress 2017 is an event no heart-enthusiast would want to miss!

ESC Congress 2017

Where? Barcelona, Spain
When? Saturday 26 - Wednesday 30 August 2017

The ESC Congress brings together world-class cardiovascular professionals, scientists and clinicians covering all aspects of cardiovascular care. The world’s largest cardiovascular congress promises to enlighten attendees with thousands of abstracts contributing to the latest clinical trials and breakthrough discoveries in cardiovascular science. Make sure not to miss out on this unique opportunity to get connected and discover more from leading cardiologists around the world.  

20th European Cardiology Conference 2017

Where? Budapest, Hungary

Held in Budapest this October, the European Cardiology Conference celebrates its 20th event and gathers together prominent professors, cardiologists and scientists to discuss an approach for cardiovascular diseases. Medical professionals can gain a wide knowledge of issues affecting the diagnosis, treatment of cardiac disorders and prevention as well as technological advances. The European Cardiology Conference will comprise of tracks that offer comprehensive sessions addressing current issues ranging from clinical to paediatrics cardiology. If you are an interested participant, it’s definitely time to start planning your trip to Hungary this October!

There is no shortage of Cardiology conferences this year. Nevertheless, our top three recommended events promise a great opportunity to hear about the latest developments and research in the field of cardiology. 

Angela Stephanou
Senior Editor

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Published on : Wed, 8 Feb 2017

ESC Congress 2016, Cardiology Conference Which conferences are the most recommended? To help you plan ahead, HealthManagement.org picks out the three must-attend cardiology conferences of 2017 …

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