Zoom On: Prof. Keith AA Fox - ESC Congress Programme Committee Chair

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Professor Keith Fox is a Professor of Cardiology at the University of Edinburgh and Head of Medical and Radiological Sciences and Consultant Cardiologist in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He was previously the Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA and Senior Lecturer in Cardiology and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist at the University Of Wales College Of Medicine.

Professor Fox was born in Zimbabwe and developed an interest in Cardiology during the late 1970s. Fox has been a radical force in the reorganisation of the cardiovascular group at Edinburgh and has played an instrumental role in the establishment of an interdisciplinary research centre with a group of senior cardiovascular researchers.

Professor Fox's primary research interest focuses on the mechanisms and manifestations of acute coronary disease. His work extends from underlying biological mechanisms to in-vivo studies and clinical trials. To date, Professor Fox has written more than 587 publications that have been widely cited and selected for an international spotlight in Circulation.

Professor Fox has given several state-of-the-art presentations on acute coronary syndromes at the American Heart Association and has been a major participant in key plenary lectures at the American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology and other international meetings. In 2010, he was awarded the Silver Medal by the European Society of Cardiology in appreciation of his contributions to cardiology. He is also the chairman of the RITA programme, co-chairman of ROCKET-AF, chair of the GRACE programme and a lead investigator for studies on novel antithrombins.

Professor Fox has been involved in investigating the ways through which disease development could be monitored in the lab and the clinic. Along with his team, he is examining patients with coronary heart disease to investigate how the build-up of fatty plaques could be interrupted and how the risk of heart attack and heart failure could be reduced. His research is especially focused on the impact of genetic and environmental factors on the body's immune system as well as the biological processes that lead to blood clotting.

Professor Fox is also involved in the research and development of new life-saving treatments. With his team, he is exploring the key genes that are involved in blood pressure regulation and the hardening of arteries in order to understand the mechanism for developing new and advanced therapies.

The work from Edinburgh, with Fox being a major contributor, has played an important role in changing national and international guidelines for best practice. He continues to be a major driving force for improved diagnosis, prevention and advanced treatment of heart disease.

Sources: Escardio.org, University of Edinburgh, British Heart Foundation, British Cardiovascular Society.

Published on : Mon, 18 Aug 2014

Professor Keith Fox is a Professor of Cardiology at the University of Edinburgh and Head of Medical and Radiological Sciences and Consultant Cardiologist

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