Top Cardiology Stories of 2019

Top Cardiology Stories of 2019
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As we move into 2020, here's a quick recap of our most clicked stories in Cardiology in 2019: 

Findings from the ORION-10 trial presented at the AHA Scientific Session in 2019 showed that twice-yearly injections of inclisiran were effective at reducing LDL cholesterol.

Simple nudges such as texts, emails, and phone calls help patients fill their statin prescription and continue taking their medications over the long-term. Findings were presented at the 2019 AHA Session.

A human cardiac organoid model was presented at the 2019 AHA Scientific Session. The platform could serve as a human translational model for cardiovascular drug discovery.

ESC Statistics 2019: Middle-Income European Countries Most Affected by CVD

According to a major report by the European Society of Cardiology, middle-income countries shoulder the bulk of morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease in Europe. 

According to findings from the PARAGON-HF trial that were presented at the #ESCCongress 2019, the combination drug sacubitril-valsartan did not significantly reduce heart failure hospitalisations and cardiovascular death compared to valsartan alone.

Prof. Mamas Mamas, a leading interventional cardiologist. talks about the future of cardiology, gender bias, and how technology can help improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Despite underlying physiological differences and a different set of risk factors, diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies for hypertension do not account for sex and gender variances.

Overview about the value of mHealth in cardiology exemplified by some promising tools that for sure will change the way cardiology is practiced, especially in the management of rhythm disturbances like atrial fibrillation.

Our understanding of ageing has fundamentally changed but how close are we, in reality, to achieving eternal youth?

An overview of state of the art cardiovascular risk prediction strategies in 2019 and more. 

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Published on : Fri, 27 Dec 2019

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