Imaging Management, Volume 1 - Issue 1, November-December 2007


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Dear readers,

Better management practices can have a profoundly positive impact on the efficiency of any medical department. An exchange of management information and experiences will inevitably allow for a more efficient and patient-orientated provision of services, as well as a more informed medical team.

While at a general hospital level, management awareness is more clearly evident, cardiologists have thus far not been provided with a specifically-tailored platform by means of which they can share their experiences and continue to augment their knowledge of management concerns for the benefit of both patients, staff, and budgets!

Given the steady increase of financial pressure on healthcare institutions, it is evident that the existing range of publications in the field of cardiology are not specifically geared towards the more complex management challenges that will arise. For this reason, Cardiology Management will be launched as an independent voice for these concerns, as a portal for department heads and managers to share their experiences in meeting the increasingly complex and demanding challenges on finite resources.


Cardiology Management will cover topics such as best practice, medical quality & safety, better value-for-money investments, cost-efficiency, personnel development & management, cardiology informatics and optimal patient satisfaction. By covering topics that assist the development of more efficient, co stand consumer-friendly services, it provides insight into and analysis of the constantly evolving field of cardiology management.

If you would like to raise your personal management concerns with our editorial team or subscribe online to Cardiology Management, please contact our Managing Editor, Dervla Gleeson, at [email protected] with your feedback or visit our website at

Yours faithfully,


Panos E. Vardas,

Professor of Cardiology

Christian Marolt

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Dear readers,Better managementpractices can have a profoundly positive impact on the efficiency of anymedical department. An exchange of management informa

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